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Auto Post Articles to WordPress blog

I want a small Windows desktop application, to run in XP and Vista, that will do the following:

1) Post text articles from a local folder (or folders) to a designated WordPress blog. The blog details should be remembered from one use of the application to the next, but should be editable at any time. The user can choose the directory to process and also whether subdirectories are processed.

2) For each folder of articles processed, the application should give the user the opportunity to choose an existing WordPress category from that blog, or the chance to create a new one.

3) The publish date for each article posted should be set on a schedule specifed by the user. Choices available to the user will be:

Initial delay - the first article processed is published immediately unless an initial delay is set. Delay will be specified in number of days to future post. Valid options are 0 (zero) which means publish immediately, to 31 which sets the publish date to 31 days ahead.

Repeat interval - this will specify how many days between each subsequent posting. Valid values are integers and a value of 0 (zero) means immediate publishing for all posts.

4) The publish time for each post should be assigned by the application, randomly, with the actual times ranging from 7.03 am to 9.27 pm (07:03 to 21:27)

5) When the posting has been completed, the application should show a status screen which displays the number of folders processed and the number of articles. It should also display the publish date of the first article and the publish date of the last article.

6) At the base of the application window will be an embedded banner advert that when clicked launches a browser window and takes the user to a specific URL. I will provide the banner and URL before the app is finalized.

There are no pre-set requirements for development platform, but I do want the application window to be clear and stylish. It should be possible to have everything running from a single screen form.

I've tried to give as clear a description as possible. If anything is not clear, please ask and I will give more information.

I am likely to choose a provider who actually takes the time to read my requirements and understands the project properly.

Evner: .NET, PHP

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