Plain coding


This project is simple, i need to the able to had employes to a DB. (ADD and DELETE)

Need to be able to ADD and Remove the refered scroll down list

Admin can edit client.

Then when someone is connected we need to fill a form that look like this :

We need a place where they could look into the DB to find a client by their phone number. If they find it, they are able to ADD new info, like a new policy number. So to give an example, if they quote a car, then the client may call back to quote the home.

When they pull out the client, i need a field where they could say it's has been sold.

The date need to be written automaticly.


fisrt name


car policy number Price

Home policy number Price:

Refered by (i want that field to be scrolling one, because i need to edit this field.)


Then i need to be able to have a report of this By agent, need to know how many quote they have made each week.

Need to be able to calculated their sale.


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