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571645 IMAP Email Server to Server Migration Tool

Our company requests qualified contractors to provide a fully functional server to server email migration tool. This migration tool should be written in PHP and be fully self contained with all code provided and documented.


The migration tool is needed to facilitate migration of emails and email folders from one server to a different server. We are currently changing from a in-house email server to a cloud based hosted server and need to move emails and email folders on many accounts. We have full control of the accounts including username, password, and IMAP connection settings.


1) Compatible with PHP v 5.2 or less, MySQL v 5.0 or less

2) Fully documented in line with supporting installation instructions

3) Contractor must be able to correspond in English between the hours of 8am and 5pm EST M-F

4) Fully functional tool delivered by June 28th, 2012

5) In responses to this request, please include this code "HB545"


1) Scripts must be able to connect to a remote IMAP server

2) Scripts must be able to connect to a local MySQL database to retrieve username and password for log on credentials for IMAP server

3) Scripts must be able to discover all email folders and preserve folder structure when copying them to the new server.

4) All emails must be copied from the old server to the new server while maintaining original sent date and time as well as all header information, including sent from, sent to, subject, date, time and read status (if the email has been read).

5) All emails and email folders should remain unchanged on the original server

6) All email formatting including HTML and binary data should be preserved when email is copied.

7) All attachments should be preserved when email is copied

8) Indication of success of migration should be written to MySQL database

9) Scripts should be able to handle very large mailboxes. These could be in excess of 1Gb of data. The transfer time may be as long as several hours.

10) All scripts should be written to comply with industry standard security methods. This includes proper server connection username and password handling.

What will be provided by us (client):

1) 10 test accounts on original email server with full account information provided (username / password / IMAP connection settings)

2) 10 corresponding test accounts on the new (destination) email server with full account information provided (username / password / IMAP connection settings)

3) Availability to provided additional details or guidance on the project.

What should be provided by you (contractor)

1) Full description of project proposal including cost and timeline

2) Daily status updates via email on the progress of the project

3) Compliance with project milestones

4) Willingness to communicate via telephone or VOIP provider (skype or similar)

5) Single point of contact for day-to-day information sharing

6) Escalation contact for use when the project is stalled or is otherwise in jeopardy (only for contractors with multiple employees)

7) Fully functional demonstration BEFORE final payment is made. This demonstration should be hosted on your systems.

Evner: Lidt af Hvert, HTML, MySQL, PHP

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