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Application for importing a purchase from xtcommerce to ArpReach email list system

For my email marketing I use ArpReach and for ecommerce the open source "xtcommerce modified" system.

You should be familiar with this two systems. If you think this is no problem for you, I can give you the Arpreach script to have a look over the coding. Xt commerce modified is open source free ware.

What I'm looking for is an easy solution which can export a purchase made on xtcommerce modified and import the email adress and name to the ArpReach email system. The data has to be importet to a specific email list relayd on the purchased product.

Let me explain:

For each product I sell I use one email list for prospects and an other email list for the buyers of the product. Say the products name is "book no. 1", I create a email list named "book no. 1 prospects" and a buyer list named "book no. 1 buyer".

When the customer buys "book no. 1"- there is an entry in the xtc database. Now the email and name of this buyer has to go in the "book no. 1 buyer" list in the ArpReach database. Each email list has a specific list number.

The application has to give me the ability to set a kind of filter. I put in a form a specific string (exact article no. from xtcommerce). Then in an other form I put in the string or number of the ArpReach autoresponder email list. Each time a purchase is made the application checks if there is a product which is set in the application. Only the products (article number strings) I set in the application gets importet to the corresponding Arpreach email list.


This means, every time a purchase is made on xtcommerce the application checks the new database entry and compares each and every product string if there is one which is set in the application. If this is the case it imports for every product individually (in case the customer buys several products) the email adress and name of the buyer in the corresponding email list in the Arpreach database. Also the email list is set by myself in the application.

Purchases with products that are not listed in the application won't be importet to Arpreach, the application can just ignore them.

For more details don't hesitate to write me.


Evner: MySQL, PHP

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