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I require complex shopping cart for client - must support 10 languages. plus [url removed, login to view] many other features. Any bids will not be final until I reveal all requirements.

If YOU have not created a full robust shopping cart before your wasting your time, you will not be considered. ONLY if you have programmed a robust cart with a strong admin, etc.

This ad is meant to find a programmer to work with. Please upload a profile and include sites I can look at and preferable a demo I can see admin etc.

I would prefer to know your programming normal approach, must have strong exiting code to be considered. No open source projects to be used a base.

I am somewhat embarrassed at writing this, I am opening my mind.

The reason is after sending out notice of my decision, a number of coders pointed out, when they saw they were losing the job - I was proceeding wrong and I was not taking advantage of a great opportunity with osCommerce.

I had my mind set that open source is always bad after using the early content management systems we are all too familiar with, and all the security leaks.

Seems I was 100% wrong, I am horrible embarrassed that everyone else was right... grrrrrrrrrr

So I am going to re-review all developers with the following in mind:

- osCommerce or Virtuemart or ??? as the engine --- not cloning ---

1) the main project is still the florist shop i outlined at
this is the target and still has to be done as far as a this shop pretty well exactly as I outlined.

2) To give you more info I have 3 types of florist clients:
- one are large Internet florists they will require this large shop with all the goodies-- this main target...
- 2nd are mid sized they require a large shop but not all languages and not all individual prices per country
- 3rd are small florists they require a small shop and have little $$ this is where having modules they pay for come in (see point 4 below), as I will give them
close to free a small shop and depend on hosting and module sales for $

3) My understanding is that the template system in oscommerce is quite difficult to get along with, my questions are can we change it too a fast template system
with some or all of the abilities below. AND PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS A BAD IDEA!!!!!

I have to describe my dream carts, and would ask you briefly to comment on::
- if its realistic to do
- what parts you could do
- what suggestions you would have

I am not saying below are requirements only that it is a dream system and I will look to your comments for what is realistic and what is best way to proceed.
actually i would think you would know very well what a hosting company would want:)

4) we are a hosting company so a shop application I can use to sell as a hosted application is desired.
- application would have a number of colored templates to choose from to set up a shop
- application would have something like myspace type java editors a admin could change colors etc of parts.
- application would have in admin ability to move parts around for his site likely in ajax drag and drop for site sections in admin
- application would to easily enable this likely use css2 no tables for basic parts, it gives a lot of sales sizzle
- application would be able to sell securely digital goods.
- application would have built in that as user adds modules he pays of each a fee.
- demo would be supplied and demo would reset with a cron itself hourly as users destroy parts experimenting, in shop demo user would be asked to sign out and reset it as they leaves perhaps??
- I have some reluctance to have new shops for clients all created in same db with different ID's but willing to listen to advice now... grrrrr

5) the truth is it does not have to be one system, perhaps its 3 different systems for different client types,
again I am opening up to suggestions and looking for advice and your input before posting again a spec sheet for bidding -- i learn:).

At this point i am looking for feedback from developers only very brief, I do not see much point in placing bids and re-opening process until I know
what is and is not possible at reasonable prices.

I will review your demo links, prior sent - frankly my mind set was such I did not really consider and bid from any company that did not already have their own proprietory system in place.. (my error, stupid, stupid, stupid)

If you have actually looked at my mockup and if you have any ideas on what parts above costs ROUGH that you can post for some of the parts I would appreciate, so I get some ideas on where I am it on project.
I may split in parts such as large florist shop only etc. it will really depend on the input i get from developers...

Sigh .... YES this time will listen!!!!!!!!!!!

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