I-Rater V3 Script Modification

I have a site, [url removed, login to view], running the i-rater script version 3.2.1. I want some modifications done to it to include all the features of RATEDESI.COM. The list belows pretty much has all the modifications that need to be done.

1. Add a feature where registered users once logged in can delete comments that other users have left them and show 5 latest comments under the users profile and link to view the rest of them

2. Add a feature where when users leave other users comments they can edit or delete the comment that they left for the next 15 minutes

3. Add feature where user can edit his/her birthday once logged into their account in the profile page and the age is determined by the birthday and is automatically updated when the b-day passes

4. Fix the zip code input, where zip code input only available if United States is selected as the country and have is mandatory that the user inputs a zip code once United States is selected and user has to select a state when US is selected as the country

5. Change the rating system to a weighted average rating system rather than the current simple average one

The weighted average would work as follows:

Here's how it is calculated: (1) Square all your ratings (2) Calculate an average for the squared ratings (3) Take the square root of the average.

The square root is what is displayed as your average rating.

6. Add a feature that tells the current ranking for each user for each user type based on average rating

7. Make a friends list where the user has to accept your invitation to be a friend and show friends under your profile but show only 10 friends pictures and the rest are in a link of show all friends.. the friends are ordered as last friend added is first shown in list

8. Fix search feature... make search by username, userid, zipcode with option of how far from that zipcode in miles, and have a option to search for members with pictures only or all members and sort by the default rating or last login

9. Make a user to user comment history to see comments between 2 users. The link for comment history should be underneath each comment and a reply to user link next to the user history link

10. Be able to ask user questions and see answer underneath or next to the question

11. Show mini user images when mouse is over username in the toplists for each user type

12. Have a most viewed profile page for each user type

13. Change the extra images to have only 4 pictures shown on main page and the rest are in a gallery section, and the user can pick which images to show on main page, and allows users to have titles and descriptions for their pictures and edit the title and description at a later time once logged in

14. Make a option of viewing original size picture instead of the resized one to fit the screen layout

15. See who the user has rated (user has to be logged in for this option to work)

16. See who was viewing your profile.. the user viewing the profile has to be logged in for this to work

17. Update the send to a friend to include other users from the site not just e-mail address

18. Make a SENT folder in the messages area where any message that you send other users will be stored there and shows if the other user has read the message or not and at what time the message was read with an option to un-send the message if not yet read

19. Make a quick jump option to view users profile based on user id or username

20. Make a most popular user type hotlist

21. Show total images and total user stats under users online area

22. Have a private pictures area where users can upload picture to a private section with a username and password needed to access those pictures

23. Create a new blog section.. where users can create blogs and write what they want and they can edit or delete the blogs at anytime

24. Change image deletion process to be able to delete all the pictures, now you can delete all except one.. once all pictures are deleted the image status changes to ENABLED

25. Fix the edit and delete forum post feature. Now the delete and edit links sometimes show up even after the 15 minute time limit and anyone can then delete or edit the post once logged in, that needs to be changed so only the user writing the forum post can edit or delete the post and only for 15 minutes after the post was submitted

26. Send email notification when a new comment is left for a user and have a option to enable or disable email notification for comments, Private Message

27. If possible let users pick friendly url like [url removed, login to view] which will go to the users profile

I will include the I-rater script so you can install it and make the changes and see if they work. A list of what the script offers now can be found at [url removed, login to view] and a demo can be found at [url removed, login to view] or a live active site is [url removed, login to view]

A demo site should be set up to show the script in action with all the features done to see if they are how I want them to be.

Payment will be made by escrow, and some money will be put in the escrow account to start the project and once the final project is approved by me the rest of the money will be given upon receipt of final bug free script, and the provider should be available to fix any bugs if I encounter any after the project has been given to me.

If you don't understand anything that is listed or need clarification about something or any other questions please PM me.


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