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"On This Day In History" Flash Scroller


The ideal candidate for this project will be someone who is an expert on the integration of Flash, MySQL, and PHP. Please tell me how much experience you have with these three technologies as part of your bid for this project.

What I want to do is create an "On This Day" scroller display on my Web site very similar to the one that can be seen in the right column at [url removed, login to view]

This scroller should be of the same dimensions as the scroller's light gray box on the Panthic site. The darker gray "ON THIS DAY" titlebar just above it should be excluded. I'm only interested in the dimensions of the light grey box where the actual information is displayed, not the titlebar.

The owners of that website used some sort of non-Flash technology to create their scroller, but I want my scroller to be in Flash. However, I still want it to integrate seamlessly into my Website, so a workaround to avoid the Internet Explorer "Click To Activate" type problems should be included in this project. If a user doesn't have Flash, it should degrade nicely by providing a link where the user can go to download the necessary plug-in.

The color of the text and box should be identical to that seen on the Panthic site. The text should have the exact same formatting, with the year bolded. However, there should be no space between the colon and the year. For example, instead of "1992 : This happened", the space before the colon should be removed to say "1992: This happened".

The scrolling direction (from bottom to top) and the scrolling speed on the Panthic site should be recreated identically.

If you observe the scroller you will see that it goes to the midway point of the box, and then pauses before continuing. I want to replicate this, but instead of pausing at the midway point, I want it to pause near the top of the box.

In addition, if the user moves their mouse over the scroller, the scroller should continue scrolling until it reaches its normal pause point, and then stop permanently until they remove their mouse. I don't want it to stop instantly on mouseover because that might cut off the text if only half of the message has scrolled up. Instead, upon mouseover it should continue scrolling up to its normal pause point, and then stop there until the mouse pointer is moved away from the scroller by the user, at which time it would continue with its standard behavior. This feature is not included on the Panthic site.

I have a text file with the historical data that should be used for the scroller. I will provide this text file to you. The text file data is provided in the following basic format:




Every day of the calendar year (including February 29 for leap year) has at least one historical event associated with it. Some days have more than one historical event. The data in the text file should be converted into a MySQL database to be used by the PHP files associated with the Flash scroller. Therefore, part of this project will involve taking the data from the text file and entering it into a MySQL database. It is very important that this is done carefully so no errors are introduced.

Furthermore, some lines in the text file are of the format:

EVENT: Some event

The event lines should be treated just like a historical year and its corresponding event, except that the year should be replaced with the word EVENT, and the text should be outputted in bold format with the color red instead of in the standard grey.

The scroller should be able to detect the current month and day on a user's computer, query the database, and display the corresponding historical years and historical events in the proper format. Since people will be accessing the site from around the world in different timezones, users may be on different current months and days. Therefore, whatever current month and day is provided by their computer should be used to display the data. The year on their computer is irrelevant, as the "On This Day" scroller does not need it.

The scroller should loop, just as it does on the Panthic site. If more than one historical event occurred on a given day, it should go through all of them, and then loop back to the beginning. If only one event occurred, then it should just repeatedly display that one event.

There is another difference I want between my scroller and the Panthic scroller. The text "# of #" should be included on a line just above every historical year and event. For example, if only 1 historical event occurred on a day, then the line just above the displayed year and event should read "1 of 1". If four historical events occurred on a given day, then each historical year with its corresponding event would have its own unique line just above it. The first would say "1 of 4", the second would say "2 of 4", the third would say "3 of 4", and the fourth would say "4 of 4". The purpose of this numbering is so the user can easily tell whether the scroller is just looping over and over the same content, or whether new content is being displayed.

When you give me the completed project, I want a complete set of instructions on how to implement the scroller and "click to activate" workaround, any necessary PHP files, the MySQL dump file so I can load the database, the Flash scroller itself, as well as the Flash source file you used to build the scroller. Payment will be made by me after I successfully implement the scroller and verify all the features I have requested above have been included and are working. However, I will deposit the necessary money into the Getafreelancer escrow account at the beginning of the project so you are guaranteed payment if the work is done up to standard. If you have any questions, please ask them now rather than at a later point in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Thank you.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Grafisk Design, Javascript, PHP, Web Design

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