OSCommerce Customization for existing store / Adjustments / Various Tasks

We are looking for a "go to" guy for adjustments to our current up and running OSCommerce store. We want to maintain a relationship with a programmer for minor adjustments as we feel they are needed

We need customizations done to our admin area.

We need the following done:

When a page loads, have the scroll bar start at a certain point on the page. This is done on our site when you click a brand name, we want it done when you click a product as well. Will explain in detail later.

We have a page that shows all of our brands. When we go into "manufacturers" in the admin, it adds or removes them accordingly. We have it so we can turn them on and off and they appear or disappear from the site. We want this same effect to be on every page in the bottom of the page, the brands will appear as grey text links near the copyright on the website. Again, we have pictures to explain this further, shouldnt be too difficult once you understand.

We have a section on the site that shows up on the right column of every page that we would like removed on certain pages. Can be explained further.

In the back end, we have it pretty basic right now for products, we want to add fields for color, quantity, slots for item numbers and sizes: sort of like this


This is not firm, but we want boxes similar to this to fill in accordingly, and have the site negate one quantity each time something is sold.

We need some adjustments to our invoices page, we moved and have to change the address.

We want to work on a Quickbooks import...and possibly vice versa, where we enter items into quickbooks and are able to

We have a datafeed that works with [url removed, login to view] as we also sell our items on Amazon. It needs some tweaking to work properly according to the back end adjustments that need to be made.

These along with other various jobs will need to be done and we will most likely need minor things every once in a while. We had a great programmer that we cannot locate. We only dealt with him via e-mail on the entire site and he did a wonderful job and very good work, but we havent heard back from him in a while so unfortunately we need to seek out someone new. Not sure how else to get ahold of him and we are in dire need of this work.

<b>We can and will provide photoshop mockups with explanations of each job so that should make it pretty easy to do most of this stuff.</b>

We don't want to count anyone out on work, but we would like someone from North America, working in the US or Canada and possibly close to Western New York. Someone that is easy to get ahold of, can do jobs regularly as needed, and <b>speaks english as a native language</b>. We have had problems in the past with communication and this is a must. Very sorry to those of you out of the country, we got a lot of replies from people that probably do great work from overseas, but the communication barrier is just too difficult for the work that needs to be done.

Please get in touch!

Evner: Javascript, PHP

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