OSC MS2.2: Configuration Review & Fix (As Required) HTC v2.5.7, SID Killer v1.2b, and Establish a Top 10 Page Rank

1. Header Tags Controller v2.5.7:

(a) Review each product category, product page, and individual product to identify and input distinct titles, descriptions, and up to three (3) keywords for each into Header Tags Controller.

2. Review SID Killer [url removed, login to view] to confirm this contribution is installed correctly and isn't adversely impacting Page Rank. If so, fix accordingly.

3. Restructure both code and database information to alter category and product sub-directory nesting as follows:

Path Example 01:

Current: /onlinestore/[url removed, login to view]

Desired: /onlinestore/[url removed, login to view]

path Example 02:

Current: /onlinestore/[url removed, login to view]

Desired: /onlinestore/[url removed, login to view]

Path Example 03:

Current: /onlinestore/[url removed, login to view]

Desired: /onlinestore/[url removed, login to view]

4. Install Ultimate SEO URLs ONLY if it will help with Page Rank and won't adversely impact other pre-existing contributions.

5. Examine, tweak, and strengthen keyword density contained on root domain landing page, review configuration and point out any potential issues.

6. Get site recognized with DMOZ

7. Examine, tweak, and successfully address any header tags issues with /onlinestore/includes/languages/english.php. In particular:

- define('TITLE', '' );

- define('KEYWORDS', '' );

- define('DESCRIPTION', '');

Note: In the least, Service Buyer wants to make sure these options are functioning as they should on all web pages.

Note: Aforementioned details available in linked description of this project in the event it is stripped by GAF.

8. If warranted and beneficial to improving page rank, tweak Header Tags Controller v2.5.7 to accomodate the following:

Note: Aforementioned details available in linked description of this project in the event it is stripped by GAF.

9. SEO Optimization and Page Rank with Google:

9.1. Current Situation: According to our analysis, the position of our page compared to many competitors, isn't that bad, but certainly isn't good enough. We currently have a keyword position of 9 for "godmother bracelet" with Google; however, our overall page rank with Google is 755. Here are some non-Google stats:


Alexa Traffic Ranking: 1,405,604

Present in DMOZ: No

Present in Zeal: Yes

AlltheWeb: 2

AltaVista: 0

HotBot: 8

MSN Search: 3

Yahoo!: 32

cPanel AWStats:

Unique Visitors thus far for September 2006: 105 (This is way too low!) Our Best Month was July 2006: 434 Unique Visitors (Still shameful!)

Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25):

------------Googlebot: Hits = 484 | Bandwidth = [url removed, login to view] | Last Visit: 16 Sep 2006 - 22:25

Inktomi Slurp (Yahoo): Hits = 122 | Bandwidth = 3.48 MB | Last Visit: 17 Sep 2006 - 00:12

---------------MSNBot: Hits = 559 | Bandwidth = 3.55 MB | Last Visit: 16 Sep 2006 - 22:10

------------AskJeeves: Hits = 003 | Bandwidth = 203 KB | Last Visit: 10 Sep 2006 - 14:27

Number of Direct Connects from Search Engines:

---MSN = 9

Google = 8

-Yahoo = 1

Link Exchange Connects Year-to-Date:

------------------mommieswithstyle = 163

-------------------------kraftykid = 001

------------------babybeesboutique = 001

---------searchenginepromotionhelp = 004

[url removed, login to view] = 009


9.2 Move website to a "Top 10" ranking with Google, MSN and Yahoo

(a) Perform comprehensive site analysis and feedback pertaining to [current] page rank.

(b) Recommend and implement a solution that will significantly improve page rank.

(c) Provide a statistical report showing the ranking/position of our website 30 days following the date in which all changes have been fully implemented.

(d) Provide solid evidence that the ranking/position of our website has moved to "Top 10" position with Google within 30 days after the initiation of this project. Service Buyer will pay Service Provider a 25% bonus above and beyond the initial payment for the work performed associated with this project if we are able to independently verify our page rank/position has improved within the aforementioned time frame.

10. Mandatory Technical Requirements:

10.1. Acceptance of this project also serves as full agreement, acceptance an acknowledgement of the following mandatory requirements:

(a) Service Provider certifies he/she possesses extensive knowledge and a universally acceptable level of professional experience associated with the





* mySQL

* OScommerce (All milestones, MS2.2 in particular)

* Header Tags Controller Contribution

* SID Killer Contribution

* Re-engineering of OSCommerce category and product sub-directory nesting structure

* Javascript

* Database and web-based application security

* Thorough and proven SEO Skills with OSCommerce, specifically applicable to Page Titles, Keywords and Descriptions

11. Terms and Conditions.

(a) Service Provider agrees to perform a full and complete backup of Service Buyers entire online store to include all databases, configurations, files, images, etc.

(b) Service Provider warrants and guarantees that all modifications will not impede, compromise, adversely impact, or disrupt operational and/or online business continuity both during and after closure of this project.

(c) Service Provider moreover warrants and guarantees that none of the work performed associated with this project will adversely impacts the functionality of our online store, including but not limited to any and all pre-existing contributions.

(d) Service Provider shall not misrepresent or overstate his/her technical abilities in the interest of a personal desire to be considered for this project.

(e) Service Provider affirms and agrees he/she will not install any code, application, scripts, or make any alterations to pre-existing code that could, will, or would compromise website security, including but not limited to all databases related to this project.

(f) Service Provider acknowledges he/she has adequate computer security enabled to prevent the observation of, or access to, any and all information, files, databases, folders, usernames, passwords, login URL's, etc. associated with or applicable to this project.

(g) Service Provider agrees to permanently discard and/or destroy all usernames and passwords provided by Service Buyer subsequent to the completion of this


(h) Service Provider agrees to consider requests made by Service Buyer to incorporate expanded functionality (for an additional fee) not yet realized by Service Buyer.

(i) Service Buyer reserves the right to cancel this project, be held financially and legally harmless, and free from making payment if:

i. Service Provider fails to honor the timetable agreed upon for this project.

ii. Service Provider fails to respond to any/all e-mail communication, Instant Messages, and/or GAF messages sent by Service Buyer within 8 hours of the issuance of each communication attempt(s) made by Service Buyer.

iii. Service Provider disrupts daily functionality of current online store.

vi. Any of the requirements defined within this project fail to comply with the Service Buyers expectations as defined herein.


bellisimobracelets . c o m /projects/09192006/09162006 . p h p

bellisimobracelets . c o m /projects/09192006/bellisimobracelets_htc_pr_project . t x t


Immediately after posting this project, I noticed Yahoo
(lj601021 . inktomisearch . c o m ) crawling our site as usual; however, it appears that is was crawling a URL string indexed prior to the implementation of SID Killer (/onlinestore/privacyphp?osCsid=a279fbcc28737c55dd4b6cc2edf70bc0). As you might imagine, it is our opinion that all crawlers and search engines should be indexing our website using search engine-friendly urls like (/onlinestore/privacy.php).

As such, this will also need to be addressed and requires an explanation as well. Thanks ;)

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