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I am looking for a developer with working experience with nBill, a joomla extension.

I want to modify the existing Quote Form to add products and pricing to it. I want the Quote Form to have the same formatting options as the Order Form. The Quote Form should be able to add "related product categories" and "related products" to it; as well as being able to calculate price based on product selected and quantity.

This is so that my customers can create their own quotes using the Quote Form and get instant pricing, without having to wait for me to generate a quote for them.

I would also need a few complex quote forms and order forms created. These would contain many dynamic drop-down menus and options. These would have to perform calculations based on product and qty. I would like the user to be able to select a product type (parent category) from a drop down menu, which would then provide more product options specific to that type. These products options would vary in price and would need to be calculated based on qty.

For example, if the user selects "Flooring" from a drop down box (which would also contain other product parent categories, such as "painting", "molding & trim", "electrical", etc.) then there would be another drop down to select the flooring type. This would be "Tile", "Wood", "Carpet", etc. Then there would be more options depending on the selection. Additionally, there would be a drop-down to select whether or not the user knows the square footage. If "yes", then provide a numerical value box to enter the quantity. If "no", then provide multi-selectable radio buttons with the room type options "kitchen", "bathroom", "living room", etc. I could supply the average values for these "room types" which would be hidden from the user but added together to form an average or "planning stage" estimate for the customer.

These forms would need to be created for Quotes (so that the customer can get an instant price without having to pay) and for Orders (so that the customer can pay for services that they selected).

In addition, I would like some work done in the back-end so that it is more user-friendly. Mainly, using AJAX to pull the product info into the fields when the appropriate SKU is keyed in; instead of having to click the "lookup sku" button, wait for window to open, and have to select the product from the list. I would also like to have 5-10 lines of items available instead of just the one.

Please only reply if you have experience with nBill and also explain your experience.

I have ammended my requirements. Ignore anything in the original post concerning "Quotes".

I want to modify the backend of nBill. Specifically, rearrange the Create Invoice, Create Products, and Create Quote pages. This would also apply to the Edit Invoice, Edit Product, Edit Order, and Edit Quote pages as well. I would like to have all the options organized in a slide-out type "parameters" box on the right of the page or at the bottom of the page and have all the commonly used fields at the top. Also, I would like to have 5-10 item fields displayed instead of just the one.

In addition, I would like to have the item pulled up and fields auto-populated when I enter in the SKU number. AJAX maybe? Currently, it is necessary to enter the number and then click the "Lookup SKU" button; I want to have the product looked up and automatically filled in once I enter the SKU and leave the field.

Evner: AJAX, Javascript, Joomla, MySQL, PHP

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