Making my Classified advert site more dynamic before launch

A couple of years ago, I purchased a classified advert program for which I have been working on to create my site. The software is written using php, sql, css and jquery I believe and is set in a way that when I log in as an administrator, I can create categories, sub categories as well as custom fields for these categories. The software is quite dynamic and pretty neat but I have been requesting particular features for a long time now that I would like to see to best suit what I would like to see for my site but have only now been told I will need to find an external developer to make the modifications I require.

At the moment, the program will only allow my users to place an advert in one category - I wish for them to be able to select more than one!

I wish to integrate an advanced comment/feedback and star rating system as well as an advanced promotion system that are linked in a way that my customers can be rewarded for their time by gaining ad credits (this would require some sort of control and settings by me in the administrator control panel).

In the current software, i create custom fields that a user can select/interact with when placing or searching for an advert but I wish to be able to make this more dynamic by the use of chained selects. for example: if i create a custom field called "Manufacturer" in the "Cars" category, I can set it so that a user has an option of manufacturers to choose from, but once selected, thats it....I can then create a list of models but the two would not be linked. I want to be able to set chained selects up so that once a "manufacturer" is chosen, a list of "models" appear to select from that are only relevant to that particular manufacturer!.....The system is there in the software to create good detailed adverts but the data created on the sql database surely could be sourced to do what I require?

It is possible in the software to integrate paypal payments, so that users can sell individual items using their own paypal accounts, but I wish to give them the option to set up a shop if they wish to!....So an option to have a shopping trolley would be good?...

I have a few people requested that when my site is launched, they are able to sell photographs and pictures....So what I would like setting up is a way that when a customer purchases a photo or picture, and payment is received - the download only then appears! Ideally, items should be watermarked so they cant be just copied!

I wish for my users to be able to search adverts by setting a distance from their post/zip code...this would need setting up!...

Another feature I would like to see is a "memory" feature in my forms....along with suggestions......As users type, I would like suggestions to appear based on the entry box use/website content. If someone begins to type something in a particular box.... suggestions appear, but if there are no suggestions relating to whats entered, the word(s) entered are saved/stored to appear in future suggestions (due to misspelling etc. it may be an idea for these to be saved temporarily in the database, lets say 60 days and only appear as a suggestion/option if more than ____amount of people enter it within that time period)....I hope this is possible!?....If so, it would be useful in advert creation if a particular type/model number etc of product is not listed, because it could be added by the user . Ideally, anything added should auto notify to admin!?

I hope these things make sence! is really hard to explain without you viewing and understanding the site as it currently is first!

I hope someone can help!

If someone does take this job on, I would like to pay monthly if possible towards the total charge because I currently do not have access to large amounts of money in one go!

I wasn’t expecting a response so quick and did not put much detail in the previous explanation of my requirements so here goes, please bare with me.... I will try to explain in more detail what I am hoping for in the following text: I believe it all to be possible from other web examples which I have previously seen! I just hope some of you guys can and are willing to it all for me. And maybe build a common future business relationship with me for future work.
Once these following things are done to my requirements, There are many other things that I wish to be done so regular work may also be gained after this project to the successful bidder!

Explanation of placing adverts in more than one category.
Example/explanation: - In my site I have created a category called VEHICLES; this has a sub category called FARMING VEHICLES which has a sub category called OFF ROAD VEHICLES.
In the backend of my site in the programs control panel, I want the option to be able to set already created categories and/or sub categories as well as an option when creating new ones as additional advertising areas (when a customer places an advert – or to act as search suggestions when someone browses for an item that could be in similar/linked categories). For example, a 400cc QUAD BIKE could be placed in the OFF ROAD VEHICLE example above but if set by admin as a linked category, it could be place in the following two areas: 1. VEHICLES, MOTORCYCLES, QUAD BIKES or 2. AGRICULTURE/FARMING, FARM MACHINERY, QUAD BIKES.
I would like an option in the back end to set a charge of credits to place in multiple categories if I wish to do so, but this charge must be settable to individual categories/sub categories so that I can set it free for some , cheap for some or expensive if it’s a high value item etc.
Advanced feedback/comment system and star rating
Many of the features I wish to add to my site could be linked to this system, I will try to explain in as much detail as I can what I am looking for exactly:
Comments = I wish there to be a comment box for every single advert but an option in the back end to disable it if I wish to for a particular category and/or sub category. The comment system should have a the following features;
• Selectable if it is a comment or a question (advert owner has an option in ad creation if they wish to be notified of comments and/or questions via email)
• Users can add smiley’s to their comments
• Other users can ad replies to comments
• Other users can agree/disagree with a comment
• Option to report a user, inappropriate language, unauthorised use or illegal products/services.
• Comment/advert can be posted to socializing sites such as
Facebook/twitter etc.

(Fully completed feedback should automatically award the buyer with a reward of ad credits – settable in the back end of software and advertisers/sellers should be rewarded in a similar way by good feedback – shop owners of the site could receive a gold, silver or bronze certification on their shop page depending on their current feedback status/star ratings):

• Completed/ purchased products & services can be auto star rated by filling out questionnaires, for example;

Drag the bar left or right to rate your opinion about the following;

The truthfulness regarding the quality of this product
FarRight=100% EXCELLENT

And so on.....

The questions should be creatable and settable depending on category and/or sub categories via the back end control panel by admin. Star ratings could be worked out using php maths functions = percentages once the totals of each question are tallied up!

• Product reviews (not customer or service related)
• Reviews should also gain rewards that can be toggled on/off and set in back end dependent on category – questionnaires set with comment boxes.
• People can rate reviews
• Reviews page.

Users shop and shopping cart (detailed description)

What I am looking for here is the option for my customers to set up a shop to hold all their products. They should have the option to register as a trader then when they place adverts as normal, their products will be automatically placed under the appropriate headings in their shop. Their individual adverts will automatically appear to all users in the appropriate category and searches but if a customer chooses to view more items from a seller they can click on a link to the sellers shop! This should be linked to Facebook, Twitter and other socializing sites if a trader wishes it to be.
Shops should have obvious selectable options including Search shop, category tree, scrolling advert widget, contacts page, shop comments and questions area, about us page, location details page with google map, feedback status Ggold, Silver, Bronze), Shopping trolly, offers page, insert links, socializing links, payment & shipping details,returns policy, products list, logo insertion, add to your favourites list, add product to wishlist, subscribe to our news letter and so on...The usual sort of an ebay shop + more...
Photo and picture adverts (and similar downloadable stuff)
I already have interest in a category allowing people to sell their artwork and photos on my site via paypal but people are worried their work could just be copied and pasted or screen shots taken to use their work for free. I would like a method for content to be downloadable once paid for by a customer. Images on the site should be watermarked and at a lower quality than the actual download or some other type of system to prevent copyright issues.
Distant from postcode search
Most sites now have an option to search by post/zip code with a maximum distance setting.....I wish to have this feature in my search bar but have some other ideas I wish to include, one of which is the use of google maps.
I have integrated a feature into ad creation where a user enters their postcode/zipcode and it places a mini googlemap in their advert to show their approximate location. Maybe this detail could be used to create a distance from location search. I also want to integrate it in a way that a search users current location is auto set as the point to distance search from unless the type in a search from this postcode box!
Ideally, I would like the option for my users to search by selecting one or more towns as an alternative to distance search or by county (by having this option, it means that a user can exclude certain areas if they wish to)
I do have some other ideas for future work too but this would be great for now!

Memory and suggestions in forms
I once saw this feature on a website but cannot remember where it was but always believed it to be useful.
When something is typed into a text box, a list of possible suggested values could be selected but if a suggestion does not appear, an option appears to add it as a future option. This could be great for so many things in my site, but the issue is if a user enters something irrelevant, inappropriate or with poor spelling. If anyone can incorporate this feature in a way that only saves new text that has been commonly entered as a search etc, this could be a great little feature!
Advanced dynamic promotions system
This is the most important part of the work I require completing and is linked with many of my other required features. I wish to gain visitors to my site and keep them wanting to come back so rewarding them for their efforts and achievements is a positive thing to gain custom. Here is what I am looking for; the following promotions should be settable and changeable from the back end control panel:
• Ability to set promotions for particular days – for example when I launch my site, I want to set a larger amount of initial ad credits for users that sign up/register on that day.
• Every __ ads posted by an individual user within __ days gains __ad credits automatically.
• Every__ person to post an ad gets__ ad credits (maybe this could be changeable depending on category?)
• Introduce a friend. They gain __additional credits and you gain __ ad credits.
• Give feedback and gain __ ad credits
• Every __ of 4 star ratings achieved, gain __ad credits
• Every __ of 5 star ratings achieved, gain __ad credits
• Shop owners = for every __ of 3 star ratings achieved a bronze status is awarded on profile (this will be removed with __ of 2star ratings or less)
• Shop owners = for every __ of 4 star rating achieved a silver status is awarded on profile (this reduces to bronze or no award if there are __ of 3 stars or less)
• Shop owners = for every __ of 5 star rating achieved a Gold status is awarded on profile (this reduces to silver, bronze or no award if there are __ of 4 stars or less)
• Suggested categories that are used gains the person who suggested it__ ad credits
• Honesty rewards – option to select a new custom field as an honesty field but with a custom heading –so that users can gain ad credits for being more honest about their item. For example, someone selling a car with a dent or an area of rust would be able to show an image of it to gain a percentage towards the honesty meter of their advert! This would go towards gaining advert credits.

Chained Selects for ad creation and searches
I explained this in my previous requirements but forgot to link it to my demand for a memory feature. If for example I forget to include an option for let us say a car model, then I wish for an option to add it to appear. For example:
I select MANUFACTURE= Honda, Then a Chained select box appears where I select TYPE= crx, then only the following two options appear
Option 1 = SLi
Option 2 = VTi
I wish to sell a type called = Del Sol
An option to add type should be available or the chained selects should appear like my suggestions idea; where you begin to type- suggestions appear and if none are available you get an option to save what you type to be a future option! This would be a really neat and cool feature!

I just uploaded and example layout of a search form for the top of my website! You guys may have a better idea of how to layout this search form yet still include my requirements!? It is just an example!

Evner: AJAX, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, PHP, SQL

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