Large Scale PHP Project

We are seeking a coder (primarily PHP/javascript/XML) for a large scale project that we're beginning in several months.

A little bit about the project:


Every aspect of the front end, and back end / admin side has been planned in complete mockups, with content and all major elements in place. In addition to this, all of the technical features of the site have been extensively researched, and many open-source or 'complete-source code' commercial scripts have been found or purchased to configure the various elements of the site. Also, several javascript menus / flash applets and other useful items have been found and purchased or mocked-up. These scripts will come in handy if there are any gaps in the coder's code library, or if we need an example to work from.

The site has many components, and we're looking for a person or firm with experience putting together media databases, wikipedias, forums, font libraries, message boards, affiliate items, link directories, blogging scripts, xml served flash applets, rss/xml/email list syndication, back-end automation, extensive advanced searching, pay-pal ad-free payment gateway, flash video streaming, audio streaming, image keyword / iptc / meta data tagging, knowledge base, social profiles & bios, OCR jpg to text file integration, graphing / charting / plotting from php to images using GD, chat integration and of course, user-authentication and registration invitation & tracking (the beta release will allow only invited members to register - which will phase us into our general release, similar to gmail's beta strategy).

There is also one stand-alone advanced image reading algorithm item that needs to be written and can be either done separately, or as part of the complete project. The item is a image reading script similar to the one that can be found at the address below. In this case, the script is being used to compare a font swatch to an entire database and bring up similar results:

[url][url removed, login to view][/url]

Our application is different but, the functionality and technology are very similiar. Anyone comfortable with programming this feature would be able to do this stand-alone job as well.

As I mentioned, we already have in our library the technology to achieve most of the features of the site independently. For example, Wikipedia, as you may know, is powered by a piece of open-source software called MediaWiki, and there are many links directory scripts on the net, a few that we've found and work withed in the past, with a few adjustments, will work well. phpBB will form the backbone of the discussion area, but will also tie into the commenting features that are a part of the rest of the site.

Both the visual front end, and the scripting side of the project has been fairly carefully worked out, and in the coming months we will be working it out even more extensively. We've prepared a white paper, and complete annotations for the site. If this work and these 'blueprints' can be followed precisely there will be very little or no revision work necessary for the site.

The site's core database will be in MySQL and the pages will be written in PHP, but also build some static html pages as well. The structure and variables database has not been layed out.

[B]Qualities we're looking for[/B]

The firm or individual must have a very thorough knowledge of site security and must be able to verify that the site content and infrastructure is secure. Site security may also be verified or tested by a third party, prior to final payment or to highlight any adjustments to the security that need to be made.

The coder should be familiar with integrating various elements, and also coding new ones as well. Someone with flash / javascript programming will also come in handy for the completion and interaction of the front-end elements and to facilitate the transition of the sliced-mockups to the final html templates and pages.

We're looking for a firm or individual that will begin work on this project [I][B]several months from now[/B][/I], go into a period of intense construction (hopefully expedited because of all of this advanced planning) and then initial alpha testing as coding comes to completion, and then move the scripts and content to it's final location on a managed server for the initial beta release. We're seeking support during the beta release for any clean-up that may need to occur, and then seasonal updates, feature implementations will be planned from that point forward.

Beyond the release, we're seeking a firm or individual that can continue to provide scheduled security bug patches and infrastructure maintenance as well as updating the various modules as updated scripts / minor security issues arise. These items will of course be planned and paid for in separate arrangements beyond the initial project.

We're looking a long-term relationship beyond this initial project. We have many more projects in the pipeline, and expect that if we can form a solid and reliable relationship with a firm that can fulfill these and similar needs, we will be tremendously loyal to that partner - however, we need to proceed with caution, because, as you can see from the above, this project is extensive and needs to be handled sensitively. We need to be convinced of the firms capability to handle the project with grace and quality, and also their capablity to deliver it within the price guidelines set out.

Coder should also be willing to sign a standard non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


If projects of this nature (extensively researched and prepared for) appeal to you then please bid and PM me and we can discuss some of the work that needs to take place.

Please feel free to respond both generally to the comments made here, and specifically ask any questions that may illuminate more information about the project. If you have initial quoting ideas (high ballpark, low ballpark, etc - we'd love to hear those as well).

This is an initial open opportunity for all bidders to be placed. Over the coming months, we'll be making final preparations for the project to move forward, and eventually hire a programmer in approximately 3 months, when work will begin.

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