Full Browser Game programming

We are looking for a development partner to create a browser based real time strategy game. I intend to create a game as complex as the following games :

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Please consider the following before bidding :

An overview of the project

How you would propose to develop the game engine

Focus on the social networking / community side of the website

Server requirements / load

VERY IMPORTANT : I repeat , we require a full game programming , including front-end as well as back-end.

We aspect FAIR BIDS for this project . The budget will be determined when the best coder / offer will be selected .

This being said we move forward to the main purpose of this message. All bidders should not forget that they are supposed to design the back-end/server side script for an online game. Not being experts in the field, we do know that a commercial web site with maximum 3,000 views per day comes nothing close to an online game. Until now we have seen only this sort of pages in your portfolio. We do acknowledge the fact that projects like this are quite rare and we do not demand that you present us a similar one, but we want proof that you can handle something like this. The bids that constrain themselves only to “we have experience in php/js/asp/flash/….. for over 5/6/7/8 years.” will not be taken into consideration, unless they comply with the following.

Lets start easy. How many successful online games have you played that don’t have very interesting graphics? Estimated download size for the graphics in this game will be of more than 400kb per user. How will you solve this problem? Are you considering an alternate download server? How do you see the solution to this problem? This is a must in your replies for example.

Now moving forward to other issues. Expected number of users per server will be around 40,000 or more. Considering worst case scenario of 5,000 people online at the same time how will the server respond. Take into consideration that the game will have besides a “cron” 24hours running script, small pieces of code that will run activated by users( e.g. updatemybuildings, buildmyarmy). We all know that most server scripts are runned line by line and that translates into huge processing times( they are not compiled like C/C++ codes and then executed). This is a big problem. We do not want code written only to be there. We want good code, very well thought. Another issue of server loading time will be that the front end will definitely be web 2.0 based, so do expect techniques like Ajax to be implemented. We all know the downside of that.

Security rises another issue. Not so much referring to security as on a simple webpage with a login form. This is a game we are talking about. People will cheat if they have the opportunity. We want to discourage this sort of behavior. The coder should think of ways to avoid attacks of DoS, session fixation, auto clickers. Take into consideration that we are not experts, but we are neither noobies.

Those above should not be considered as guidelines. We encourage you to be creative and expect to find other problems and give better solutions, everything above is just examples of issues we want to see in your replies.

Do not forget that this project does not require you to build the entire website unless after negotiation both sides agree to that. This implies that you will build your part of the project using the object oriented approach. This is a must . This is not something extra to difference you from the others. This will help you in writing the documentation easier later when the entire project is delivered and payed for.

We don’t care so much at this point of the project to in depth details, but we do require to know that we are talking to the right people. So unless you provide a basic schematic of how you will implement the game, your bid will not be taken into consideration. This schematic should be at the block level, for starters and should contain rough ideas of the technology inside it and ways to communicate with other blocks. We are sure that you get the point. This will help you also in building that documentation we talked earlier.

If we are pleased with your work and you will be available at the time a collaboration for the client side scripting is very possible.

We thank you for the interest shown in our project.

We are waiting forward to your replies.

Open to fair bids .

Teams / people that present me similar projects they did will have a plus .

My regards

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