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NT - custom php booking script changes

Phase 1 - urgent error fixes:

- [url removed, login to view] & [url removed, login to view]

-- db reservation.return_details = Yes then date shows incorrect value (01-January-1970) in two places. It must show db reservation.return_date_date

-- flight number does not show below time. It must show db reservations.return_flight_no

-- first field at the top which is "Test client 5 client 5 " for [url removed, login to view]

-- where reservations.completed_by registration.user_type = 'Admin' or 'super_admin' then show registration.first_name registration.last_name else show [url removed, login to view]

- sms: when reservation is made system sends sms to reservation.client_cell (script in [url removed, login to view] line 292)

-- make separate sms text for records where db reservation.return_details = No / Yes

-- use existing sms text string for record where db reservation.return_details = Yes and

for record where db reservation.return_details = No use same text string but remove all string after .......$pickup_time_hrs."h".$pickup_time_mins."

- [url removed, login to view] when clicking 'New Reservation' the booking form is loaded and fields populated with client info. Area field incorrect (currently shows 'Cape Town airport') it must show Area value from db [url removed, login to view]

- [url removed, login to view] page shows only 10 records. When adding > 10 records then some records are lost. Please note that new client records are added automatically when [url removed, login to view] is submitted (if client does not exist).

Phase 2:

- [url removed, login to view] rename 'Home address' to 'Destination to:'

- [url removed, login to view] sends reservation email to reservation.agent_email_address and to admin email id: xxxx - where reservations.completed_by registration.user_type = 'super_admin' then do not send email to reservation.agent_email_address

- make password not required - means can edit user info and save without changing pw

- [url removed, login to view] - Sub menu 'Tomorrows Transfers: Show | Print All | Print Summery' these links show/print records for tomorrow (date today + 1)

-- need to add date rage input (from to date) for results and remove current tomorrow date filter

- [url removed, login to view] - address value incorrect - must be:

-- reservation.collect_from when reservation.return_details = No

-- reservation.return_collect_from when reservation.return_details = Yes

- cell number: currently system removes leading zero from cell number field with new reservation on form [url removed, login to view] but now this cause a problems that the cell number shows everywhere without zero.

-- I need cell number to show everywhere with zero so I suggest to remove script which removes leading zero from [url removed, login to view] form

Note: the reason for zero removal of the leading zero is for the sms script in [url removed, login to view] - so need to modify this sms script to remove zero from cell number value

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