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*Please note: The link below is the demo page that the graphic designer created, so that I can follow the progress of the design work. I am including the link for you so that you can get a better sense of the programming requirements, as well as provide a more accurate price quote for completing the project. The final files for the site should be ready in a few days: Bling [url removed, login to view] - [url removed, login to view]

Overview: [url removed, login to view] is an e-commerce site offering a unique daily, luxury item for sale that will be featured on the main page. This will be a daily deal site just like [url removed, login to view], with a few differences. [url removed, login to view] will not have a video section, a blog or forum. The main, uniquely identifying feature will be a voting/rating system that will allow users to rate the featured item on the main page. This feature will then allow me to get a better sense of what type of products my customers would like to see more of. The featured item, as well as the price, will be featured on the main page, as soon as the page loads. However, in order to place a purchase, a customer will have to create an account, or if an account already exists for that customer, to log in with a valid username and password. Once logged in, a customer will be able to place an order for the featured item on the main page, while it is still in stock. The front end of the site, or the portion that is accessible to the customer, are standard e-commerce pages, which include the shopping cart, checkout, order verification pages etc. These pages have all been designed and sliced already.

Under the main image of the featured product are small thumbnails that will have alternate views of the featured item. When the mouse cursor is placed on any of the thumbnails, a javascript code will automatically shift the main image to the alternate image that the mouse is placed over. On the main page, to the right of the 'Buy Now' button will be a countdown timer that will notify users of when the next item will post. The default setting should be that the item will appear for 24 hours (hence, the name BlingDaily). However, I do not want to be limited or restricted by this bit of programming, and so, I would like to be able to set the start and end time that the new item will post by day, hour and even minute.

Additionally: * In the Checkout Payment page ([url removed, login to view]), when a user selects PayPal as the payment option, there will be a javascript that is automatically executed, which will conceal, or cover up the credit card form fields, and instead, have form fields for the customers shipping information. Additionally, there will be a brief note (for which I will provide the text for) asking customers to wait several seconds once payment is made in order to be routed back to shnoop.com. If youd like to see a clear example of this, please go to: [url removed, login to view] * SSL encryption where appropriate. This means that once a user is logged in and places an item into the shopping cart and proceeds with the checkout process, the pages should be encrypted, and that no SSL errors are generated.

Specifications Daily Deal: The first, and most important piece of programming on the site should be a PHP script that will automatically update the new item for 24 hours. The start time for when the countdown timer on the main page begins should be fully customizable. While the default should be a 24 hour countdown, I would also like to retain the option of featuring for longer. This PHP script, although a default setting on the site, should be fully customizable by me. What this means is that on certain days, if Id like to run a special promotion on the site, and extend the current featured deal, I can specify the time and date that the new item will be go up, instead of the default time. There will be a limited quantity offered for sale. Once the item sells out, the Buy It button will automatically replaced by a Sold Out button. Example: Sunday, Im scheduled to sell a Movado mens wristwatch, Monday, Im scheduled to sell a women's silver pendant and Tuesday Id like to sell a pair of mens cufflinks. The default is that the new item will appear on the main page at the pre-set time and date. This will be followed by the pre-set time and date for all the proceeding items. However, if I decide that Id like to feature the watch for an extra day, so I can customize the setting in such a way that the mens cufflinks, instead of being featured on Tuesday, will automatically be featured on Wednesday instead. Or if I want to run 10 items in one day one after the other I would be able to control those settings.

Product Image: In both the main page, there will be an image of the item being sold. Occasionally, I will also want to display alternate views of the item. If you look at the following link, you will see that under the main product image there is a row of six thumbnails. When the user places the mouse cursor over the thumbnail image, it will automatically be enlarged and displayed as the main product image. This should be a javascript that will toggle and alternate between the alternate images. If the main image is clicked on, a new, enlarged image will open in a new, fitted browser (like I currently have on [url removed, login to view]). Furthermore, the thumbnails should only appear on the main page when I have previously uploaded images of alternate views. Example: If I am featuring a wristwatch on the main page, of which there is just one image, then the thumbnail boxes will not appear. However, if I feature a pair of earrings, of which there are 4 different alternate views, then on the main page there will be a main product image, as well as 4 smaller thumbnails beneath it.

Shipping: The shipping feature is pretty straight forward. It will be a fixed amount that will be pre-set when I create the featured item. The shipping charge for the purchase will be displayed right below the price for the featured item. Both the price and shipping fee will be visible to the public - no logging in necessary to view price or shipping fee. Shopping Cart: When I prepare an item that will be featured on the site, I can also specify the maximum number of units that is available for a customer to purchase. In some cases, a customer can purchase as many as hed like. In other instances, where supplies are limited, a customer can only purchase a pre-defined amount. What I would like is the drop down menu in the shopping cart page to reflect the pre-defined amount that is available for sale.

Example: If I am selling a women's necklace for which I have a limited supply of, and I wish to restrict it to just 3 units per customer, then the drop down menu in the quantity portion of the shopping cart should only be either 1, 2 or 3. Furthermore, if a customer selects 2 (as in 2 units to be placed in the shopping cart), a javascript will then be automatically executed that will refresh, and update the sub-total amount for sale. In addition, I would also like a clearly visible update button, so that a customer can update the amount of units he wishes to purchase, in case the web browser being used is not compatible with javascript. Customer Account Pages Customers will be able to log into their account and view their account information. This includes common e-commerce features like order status, order history, address book, etc. Additionally, customers should have the option and ability to update account information and address book (a feature that currently does not work in [url removed, login to view]). I'd also like to have a feature that automatically verifies the validity and proper format of the US mailing address provided by the customer. Being that we only accept orders from US based customers only (including Puerto Rico & US territories), customers from outside of the US should not have the ability to place an order. Another feature that Id like to include is the post-back feature. What this is, is that once an order is processed, packed and shipped out, the customer will receive an email with the tracking number. Additionally, the tracking number will also appear in the customers account status page. On this page, a customer can view the status of the order (i.e. pending, processing or shipped). If the order is already shipped out, the customer will be able to view the tracking number, whether it is a USPS or UPS tracking number (there are discussions in the OSCommerce forum that go into detail about this, which is possible when either either UPS WorldShip or Endicia GalaxyWorldShip). I think USPS does have some API that are available, but Im not sure if its for this function. Additionally, we use Endicia to purchase and print USPS postage. In the Endicia admin control panel, when I click on a tracking number that Id like to track, I am able to view the status of the package without being transferred to the USPS website. The tracking number on the customers account page will be a hyperlink, that once clicked, will open a new page and take the customer to the carriers package tracking page (both USPS and UPS have this), so they can view the status. Also, customers should be able to print out receipts for past orders that they placed. Also, I've found some OSC contributions relating to shipping features that I'd like which might be relevant and useful: * Endicia Dazzle XML Shipping * Storing Shipped Orders * Shipping Status v. 1.0 for [url removed, login to view] * UPS Worldship Integration Contact Us I would like to import the same contact us format the I currently use in Shnoop.com. I'd like a drop down menu so that the customer can select the relevant department that he would like to contact, as well as a the name and message form fields. I don't want any customer service email addresses being displayed, as they would easily be picked up by spambots and inundate our inbox with junk mail. Themes Several times a year, I plan on running different promotions on the site that will correlate to the season. For instance, there will be a winter/holiday, Fall, Valentines Day theme, etc. This will be designed by the graphic designer. I would like to have control over this by being able to set and configure the times and dates that the different themes are replaced by the default theme. This should be a feature in the admin control panel. I'd like to be able to easily change the header around for a selected period of time (for instance, during the Christmas holiday shopping season), and then having it automatically revert back to original, standard header, as soon as the pre-set time lapses. Currently, the themes for both BlingDaily and Pennywise have not been designed yet. However, once complete, they will simply be revised header. Site Text There are different instances, throughout various functions of the site where text is displayed. Some of these include About Us, FAQs, Checkout confirmation page, Account setup confirmation page, shopping cart page, error messages, etc. I would like to be able to control the text that is being displayed. In most cases, I will probably be importing much of what I currently have. However, there are some pages, like the shopping cart page, where an error message is displayed, or the email that a new customer receives when opening an account, which I would like to change, as well as be able to edit in the future. Customer Login Information BlingDaily will utilize the OSC default of the customer's email address as the username. This will make it easier for the customer to recall the username, in case of loss. It will also make it more secure, as any password reminders will be sent directly to the registered email address. There will be a page where customers can request that either the username or password be sent to them, in case they lost or forgot the one that they created when the account was open. SEO The site should be designed and programmed in fashion and manner that is consistent with SEO practices. This means, amongst other things, no broken links, alt tags for images, page titles, SEO URLs, etc. I will get back to you later on with a more concise of what Id like. I am also open to suggestions for other procedures I can take to optimize the site. I do have a document that an SEO firm once drafted for us with suggested modifications that they could implement for shnoop.com. Most of it was general, standard SEO recommendations, but some of it was specific to shnoop.com. I'll have to dig up the file and forward it to you as soon as I find it. Additionally, there are plenty of SEO related contributions that are floating around OSC. Google Analytics Every page on the site should have the Google Analytics code that is presently written into the bottom of all the pages. Administrative Control Panel Being that I would be using CRE Loaded, which is a modified version of OS Commerce, and has a BTS Template Engine The admin control panel should be pretty similar to what I currently use. Below are several additional contributions that I currently do not have, but need, as well as improvements to contributions that I currently have, but that dont work properly. New Products The product that will be sold on the site will go in the Products Expected subcategory of the Category section in the admin panel. A script will be written that will automatically post the item at the pre-set time and date. The default length of time will be 24 hours, which will then be followed by the proceeding item. The script will also allow me to modify the time that the new item will be posted on the homepage each day. Specifically, this means that I will be able to modify the time that the item is updated on the main page, as well as the length of time (the default, though, will be 12:00am each day, and will last for 24 hours). In the product set up page, there should be form fields where I can specify the cost of the item being sold (for bookkeeping purposes), the price that the item is being sold for, as well as the amount that each customer is limited to purchase. The item that will featured on the main page will be updated in the products expected page of Admin panel. It will have form fields that will allow me to post different images, as well as a "Product Description", "Product Specs" and "Price Comparison" to include Store names and links to other sites selling similar item. Orders I will need to have the ability to export orders into a .csv file that I can upload to UPS WorldShip or Endicia. This should be customizable, which means that I can set it to either export all Pending, or Processing orders, or selected orders that I check off, or even a range of orders (such as order #1340-1360). Being that I use both Endicia and UPS WorldShip as the shipping software, I will need the ability to enter in the order number into either Endicia or UPS WorldShip, which will then communicate with the database and pull up the corresponding order information, such as the customers shipping information, and the weight of the order, which should be calculated by weight of item multiplied by the amount of items purchased. I know that this can be done, as there are contributions, as well as threads in the OSC forums detailing this. Both of the shipping software that we currently use allow us to link and map an ODBC table on our database that has all the corresponding details, such as customer name, address, weight of the package, etc. Additionally, I know that there are contributions which I can use with all the major shipping software that allow me to upload a .csv file which has all the shipping information populated into it (or, the same information that the shipping software would access from the ODBC db table). In the admin panel, the orders (admin/[url removed, login to view]) will have the Comments At A Glance contribution installed, which will have a talk bubble icon next to each order. Ability to create new orders and new accounts manually. This is a contribution that I currently have. I would need a contribution that allows me to get a breakdown of an item that was purchased. What this means, is that currently, if I sell clothing, for instance, which allows customers to choose the size they want (S, M, L, XL, etc), I can only see the total amount that was sold (in the admin area, under "Reports"). What I would like, though, is a way of being able to get a breakdown of the item. As an example, suppose I sell a shirt, I would like to be able to get the following report: Size Small - 34 Size Medium - 56 Size Large - 28 Size Extra Large - 78 Additionally, I would also like to be able to see a breakdown of the quantity sold. For example: 97 Customers purchased - 1 unit 47 Customers purchased - 2 Units 12 Customers purchased - 3 Units Customers The customer list should be able to be sorted by either First Name, Last Name or date registered. This is a contribution that I currently have installed. I will not be storing or retaining customer�s credit card information, so this will have to be encrypted. The ability to send HTML or plain text email through the admin panel. This should be customizable so that I can send email to specific customers / all customers / select customers who purchased specific items / as well as customers that opted in for the newsletter. Email functionality should be HTML/ WYSIWYG. The ability to send users a reminder of their passwords from within the admin panel, as well as a link on the login page that the customer can request a new password. OS Commerce Contributions I would also like the following contributions (in case they are not included with CRE Loaded B2B): 1. Unsold carts 2. Customer Orders-Total 3. Datewise products sales 4. Sales Graph 5. Margin Report 6. osCommerce Google Analytics module 7. Google XML sitemap generator 8. Google Pagerank checker for osCommerce 9. Google Position 10. Get 1 Free 11. Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0 12. Customer Returns (RMA) 13. Support for customizable banner ads, as well as google adwords and yahoo ad publisher 14. Support for the following payment modules: PayPal, [url removed, login to view] and Google Checkout (I should have the ability to turn them on or off) 15. All the updated versions of contributions currently installed in the "Reports" category of [url removed, login to view] Admin Panel 16. Quickbooks Import QBI 17. Order lgging before payment processing 18. Making PayPal Return Order Data 19. Enhanced Vendors 20. PayPal - Solution to Customer Not Returning to Site 21. Better PayPal Description 22. Zip Code Validator Customized Contributions The admin panel will include a modified version of the "down for maintenance" contribution. Specifically, this means that at the specified time and date, the site will revert to a �shut down� stage that will display the header and the footer. The body of the page on this "shut down" stage will be simple HTML, where I can manually enter the message that will be displayed, enter hyperlinks, as well as YouTube videos or other media. Currently, this file is [url removed, login to view] During this "shut down" stage, users on the site will be able to perform all functions that are normally present on the site, except for actually making purchases. This includes checking their order history, going to the FAQs page, About Us, Contact Us page. I would also like to have a "Woot Off"-like feature installed. This is simply a deviation from the standard format of one item per day. When the promotion goes into effect, instead of one item running on the site for 24 hours, a new item will replace the days original item once there is a sell out. This will continue for a pre-specified duration (which I should be able to customize) of 24-72 hours. For more information on the woot-off, go to the following link: [url removed, login to view]

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