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I do not pay wages. I do however trade shares in this website in exchange for the work that needs to be done. Shares are based by percentage of ownership and will be worth well, than if you received wages. Percentage of shares will not exceed 49% for all code and design work.

This is a huge project, but will be well worth it, if you have the spare time.

1. I need a custom payment processor.

[url removed, login to view] of splitting incoming capital to more than one account.

[url removed, login to view] processor will also be used to hold funds, while work is being done between parties while web development is being done. When both parties have agreed the work has been done, then the payment will be issued.

12% ownership of site upon satisfactory web development

2. I need security, cgi PERL login, information forms for three different classes(Investors, Entrepreneurs, Web Developers) mysql database and admin area. Email confirmation, and the ability to access and print the information for address verification (random assigned security code, that will be sent through the mail to verify address). (more down to business details later)

10% ownership of site upon satisfactory web development

3. I need a project creation forms page and any database issues associated with, also added as part of the admin:

A. Project Name

B. Type of Project

C. Project Description

D. Secret Details (this is a link that may be unlocked to certain chosen individuals that holds more details of project, that may be too sensitive for public viewing)

E. Percentage of ownership retained. (example; 51% such as I am doing for this site)

F. Development method. 1. Find Investors 2. Offer % for web development

3. Pay for Web Development - out of pocket

G. Level of involvement 1. High 2. Medium 3. Low

H. Internet knowledge [url removed, login to view] High 2. Good 3. Average 4. Below Average

I. Time Frame

J. (see F,1) # of shares, Money needed {shares/money=amount per share}

K. Share Contact Information with investors (button yes, no (recommended)

L. Submit

We will human edit every listing before it goes live.

11% Ownership

4. Live Projects screen (uses information from #3) in a ebay styled fashion

A. Feedback rating system

B. (see 3.K) Investors and Web Developers that are already indirectly associated will not be able to see each others contact information. (This is so they cannot cutout the guy with the original idea.)

C. Investors can buy shares through the payment processor. This information is stored on a secure database. or...

D. Web Developers can bid on projects ...this information will then be sent to a project connection screens, which will display the information to each of the users.

E. This section also includes the project connection screens for each user.

11% ownership of site upon satisfactory web development

5. The template and web design for the entire site.

5% ownership of site upon satisfactory web development

More details...

It is kind of hard to explain, so I hope I made it clear.

The payment processor will charge 5% between the initial sales between the parties. (example $10,000 total investment, $500 will be split 6 or less ways to yourselves and myself) This will be stated to the project placer, and will only be collected when the project is complete.

The payment processor will also absorb 2.7% continually on all transactions above $5 (below $5 will be free)This will also be split by percentage.

There will be a unknown amount of that will be used for advertising and upkeep for the site. This amount is unknown but will be 5% incoming or less.

I own the .com .net .org .info maybe more soon.

Evner: Java, PHP, System Administrator, Web Sikkerhed

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