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Seeking experience in flash programming, knowledge of database programming and design, and an ability to create attractive graphical user interfaces with a common sense of usability.

Have a look at the following template ([url removed, login to view]). It should give you an idea what kind of application we want you to develop.

Either you take this example as a starting point to get inspired or you purchase this template and customize it.

The Background:

We will use this application to offer our clients to order products over a local network with over a network of touch screens and one master display and printer.

The project:

Data entry of 200 different items on the web page Include Hi Res photo of each product and a product description of 100 - 200 words, 100 X 20 sec video.

The 200 product would be broken up into 5 different Tabs / categories and serchable on the site.

During the ordering process the client selects various products which will be added to an ebasket (link1). This ebasket will be printed out on a master display and printer after the customer has press the ORDER NOW button and released his order.

We have no distinct expectations about the layout; it should be attractive for a Retail environment. Just try to put yourself into the position of a customer. Nevertheless we found the link above and this is quite likely what we were thinking of when we discussed the layout of the website.

Technically it will be a server which hosts the whole application and the different clients will access the flash solution over the browser.

The whole application has to have the following three major screens:


Customer remote touch order screen - webpage

This is the main screen which can look like the link at the beginning.

The customer needs to have a welcome screen (home) where he can choose between (the menu, background, waiter call, about us).

The menu screen is the main application. This screen should offer the menu in an attractive way (link2, link3) furthermore the screen has to offer an ebasket (shopping card) (link1) where the customer sees all items already ordered and the overall price.

When finishing the order he can send the order to the waiter by pressing a button. This will print out the order at the master display printer.

Master display and printer

Administration screen

This screen is supposed to show the status of different touch screens (e.g. “occupied”, “ready to pay”, “vacant”, “waiting for delivery”, etc.).

Configuration screen

Furthermore, the application needs to have a screen where the user can set up a table configuration, can upload new products (incl. price, description, and pictures) which then will be automatically show up in the menu. In addition this screen should offer to enter information for the promotion frame (see rough figure further down)

Remote touch screen ordering

The rough layout of the customer order screen should look like the following:


[url removed, login to view];pgid=NcBISXeMMWdSR0Es5bUc4Icy0000F3XcIksj;sid=w4cHLvpCUvIqLrI3EFP0LftIzajxRpI4KJTlxh8_?ProductSKU=45393600&CatalogCategoryID=nDoKAYCL2nYAAAEbDVE6vAg8&ParentCatalogCategoryID=ONLINE_SPECIALS&WebTrends_Ref=basket_add&Quantity=1

Brief description:

The link shows a webpage apparently in a foreign language (sorry for that). But have a look at the post-it in the top right corner it shows a version of an ebasket. When you click on the blue button in the middle (description “In den Warenkorb legen”) it adds the item to the ebasket and shows the overall amount to pay. Just think about a way to make the ebasket attractive.


[url removed, login to view] when you click in the corner of the menu you can change the pages – like in a real menu.

Link3:[url removed, login to view]

First of all you see a possibility how a “welcome screen” can look like. When you click on “our menu” and then “more” it shows a pop-up. This is the way we want to have it look like if a customer chooses to have a closer look to a specific dish. This pop-up will then show detailed information an bigger pictures of the dish

VERY IMPORTANT: You don’t have to directly use this links and realize it like this. These are just examples. But what we don’t want either is that somebody reinvents the wheel. So if you do not already have developed such a solution, it should be cheaper and easier to buy a template and customize it.

You should give us access to a website where we can follow up on your progress and where we can give direct feedback if the layout and design does not meet our expectations.

This is a pretty rough description of the job. As soon as we have selected the one who will work together with us, we will have detailed discussion about the set-up.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Java, Joomla, PHP, Web Design

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