PHP/mySQL Microsoft vCalendar Event Management Interface

This project is for an experience php programmer with intimate knowledge of Microsoft's VCalendar Functionality to acheive the following project objectives:

1. Create a mySQL database driven interface using php to:

(a) Create, Save, Delete, Change, Import and Export vcalendar files which includes functionality for the following VCS field variables:


PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook MIMEDIR//EN



DTSTART: [ ] Example: 20060908T210000Z (Drop down capability for all aforementioned variables: year, month, day, hour)

DTEND: [ ] Example: 20060908T230000Z (Drop down capability for all aforementioned variables: year, month, day, hour)


CATEGORIES: [Drop-Down { } or Custom: [ ] *

DESCRIPTION;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: Competitive Campaign Follow-up Event =0D=0A

SUMMARY: [ ] Form Fill-In

IMPORTANCE: [ ] High or low



* Drop-Down should include: Campaign Planning Session, Event Reminder, Activity Reminder, Holiday Reminder, Miscellaneous, Personal, Call Blitz Reminder, Competitive Campaign Action Item, Fast Track Campaign Action Item, Alliance Campaign Action Item, Internal Business Partner Action Item, Joint Marketing Initiative Action Item, Mandatory Training Session, Important Call to Action

Also, in the "DESCRIPTION" field, Service Buyer would like an HTML Anchor code to be inserted into this area.

(b) Import a csv file containing email addresses and select and email any number of VCF files

- Email interface must also have:

* A Subject Line

* A CC Line

* a BCC Line

2. URL, Save, and Export Functionality:

(a) The interface must be able to save each uniquely created VCS file to any location of the Admin's choosing, including a folder on a web server

(b) Upon the creation of each VCS file, the interface must present an "export" option as well as a URL and HTML Code generation feature that enables the Admin to generate a URL exactly like the following example:

Click here to insert this event into your MS Outlook calendar

3. Data Export Functionality:

(a) Provide the ability to export all data contained in the database in the following formats: SQL, Microsoft Excel 2000, and CSV


Project Terms and Conditions:

1. Acceptance of this project also serves as full agreement and acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

i. Service Provider certifies he/she possesses extensive knowledge and a universally acceptable level of professional experience associated with the



* mySQL

* MS Office/Outlook using Exchange on the back-end

* Javascript

ii. Service Buyer reserves the right to cancel this project and not be obligated to making payment for services if:

(a) Service Provider fails to honor the timetable agreed upon for this project.

(b) Service Provider fails to provide a substantive respond to communication/messages sent by Service Buyer within 24 hours of each communication request.

(c) Service Provider fails to ensure the above referenced project does not work as it should.

(d) Service Provider warrants he/she will not install any code other than that which is neccessary to ensure the continuity and progression of this project.

(e) Service Provider will not install any programs, scripts, or make code alterations to any other program, application and/or database currently installed

on the Service Buyers domain

(f) Service Provider acknowledges he/she has adequate computer security in place to prevent the observation of or access to any and all information, files,

folders, usernames, passwords, login URL's, etc. associated with or applicable to this project.

(g) Post Support Services: Service Provider agrees to provide a 4 hour response turn-around time for a period of 30 days following the completion of this project. Support includes, but is not limited to: making a timely and concerted effort to troubleshoot and resolve any and all unforseen

issues arising from the installation of the contribution(s) installed by Service Provider.

(h) Service Provider agrees to permanently discard and/or destroy all usernames and passwords provided by Service Buyer subsequent to the completion of this project.

(i) Service Provider will not exploit, advertise, or market his/her work perform without first having received permission from Service Buyer.

Note: Service Buyer has attached a sample of what an actual VCS file looks like.

Click here to insert this event into your MS Outlook calendar

Evner: Java, PHP

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