Internet OS (WebOS)

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Basic Description:

A remotely hosted Internet operating system with the basic functions including chat, Internet browsing, music, word processing, and games. With integrated parental controls and virus protection, families feel safe to use the Internet again.

Advanced Description:

A basic shopping cart and user account management that uses an [url removed, login to view] compatible merchant. Users will have the ability to browse and select products to purchase along with manage their user accounts for the WebOS.

There will be three major types of “primary” account types for standard users, families, and businesses.

* Standard - Your every day users…

* Family - Two basic account types, Adult & Child accounts. The adult account has unrestricted access to settings and controls for their OS, plus control over the child account. With a family plan you can have two adult accounts and four child accounts. Each child account needs to have customizable restrictions including Internet usage, total usage, program usage, etc... it also needs to include adjustable website filtering with a "parent override" to allow temporary access to the site.

* Business - Two basic account types, administrator and users. The administrator has the ability to create new accounts and make changes as necessary. Each business should have its own web portal, to display useful information and stats. They need the ability to assign users to “workgroups” and attach descriptions to each login for the administrators use. It also needs “Parental” style of controls to limit usage, which should be adjustable by user-defined groups. So managers could be givin' access to more utilities than employees.

Applications to include;

-Multi-platform Chat (including inner-server, good for businesses)

-Photos (Organizer)

-Google Documents

-Google Spreadsheets

-Google Reader

-Google Calendar

-Google Email

-Google Contacts

-Web Browser



*Quick Time

*Favorites (I don’t like the eyeos one)

*256Bit SSL


*Multiple Tabs

*Save Passwords

-File Storage (Include upload and download)




*Spider Solitaire

-Streaming Music Player


*User Added

Access Controls for "sub-users" features should include;

-Website Restrictions

-Program Restrictions

-Adjustable by time and date

-Remote Login Restrictions

-Length Restrictions



The Google services need to be fully integrated into the operating system so it seems seamless. When a user creates a new account, it needs to automatically create a Google Account (or allow them to use their current one). They have the option to use our domain (via google apps) or create a new Google Account with gmail.

Business users will be guided to create their own Google Apps account allowing employees to share information including contacts and calendars. The integrated messaging will also allow users to send messages to other staff like the administrator if they needed help. The Google Apps setup also includes a start page which should be setup as the default web page for the browser inside a business client account. Business users also need a remote login portal so their employees can access their "desktop" without visiting the standard remote login on OUR website.

The system should have the ability to track usage so account owners/administrators can view how much time is spent where.

We also need an integrated application community so users can obtain or purchase (access to) a new applications, with an SDK and testing setup (to prevent harmful programs getting loaded into our system) We should also have a section where we talk about custom software or integration into their current system.

We also need to offer a leased license for businesses, where they have the same features but it can be loaded into a server on their network. (Like YouOS - [url removed, login to view])

After launch I would like a one year warranty against bugs.

Users will access their "desktop" via our website, USB drive, or thin client.

Future Programs;

-Quickbooks Clone

-Peachtree Clone

-Private Event Management

-Hotel Management

-Rental Management

-Restaurant Management

-Child Software/Games

Evner: Java, Javascript, Linux, Mobile App Development, PHP

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