Flash/Java chess viewer

Hello bidders!

Im developing a chess site for my local community. Among the options I will offer a chess games viewer and a lesson viewer:

[url removed, login to view] viewer -> must:

-Have the option to configure it (only administrator in the backend)

-Allow change of colors (font, background, etc)

-Allow cahnge of pieces set (should read the images from a folder)

-Have a move list

-Use a pgn file as its input

-Get the pgn file from a database

-Show all the information in the PGN file

-Show comments

-Not show information not contained in the pgn file

-Go back and forth in the move list

-Read the name of the players, the event's name, the date, result and ECO (if available) in a specific field (should be a label so its easier to hide it if not available)

2. Lesson Viewer: Same as the game viewer but must also handle "comands": in the pgn file a comment of the sort [{square1:c4}] would highlight the square c4 with color 1. In this manner should also allow arrows (from one square pointing to the other) and circles (only one square) and these 3 options use 3 different colors.

* If you can do it in Java it must be a java applet and if you can do it in Flash it must be to use in internet.

* I will get 100% of the source code of the proyect used, so commenting is appreciated but not obliged

* If you can do only the game viewer or only the lesson viewer we can arrange it

* If you think the price limit is not adequate feel free to suggest your own price

* I have no dateline right now but want it before 8 weeks


* If you have a demo, good. If you dont, no problem

* If placing your signature in the final product would reduce costs, mention it, and also how much would it lower the fee.

* Database is MySQL

* If you need a pgn file for testing check [url removed, login to view] you can get free ones there

* My chess viwer ([url removed, login to view]) is almost what I need

* Games in database are to be retrieved by their ID only

* Colors should be HEX values

+ Optional: working with a game list, by default it will be one game per load but if you can make it that it works with a list of games this is a plus, please post the price without the game list and With the game list. The game list can be done reading a flat file or the database, whatever is easier for you

Note to beginners: if you think/feel you can do it and are interested, start working right now on it and show me a demo asap

Note to everyone:

> GAF allows posting this proyect for only 35 days, so post before 5-nov

> If you cannot fulfill all the requirements post the same, just let me know which ones you can/cant do

Thank you for your interest!

Evner: Adobe Flash, Java, PHP

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