Face Detection and recognition

1. There will be a WebPage with two buttons. NO design needed please

2. Button1 will select a file

3. Button2 will do the comparison of faces.

4. There will be around 100,000 images somewhere in Database already stored(contains separate info for nose, forehead, mouth, lips separate information)

5. Clicking on the compare will bring top x matches from database.

6. Top x matches picked can be beard face, side face, or tilt face. These picked faces are similar to the selected face(latest image selected in Step 2) in webpage.

7. No performance issue or memory issue needed.

8. Third party should be open source only. API in case being used should not be paid or should not expire after days/month/after number of calls

9. There should be a provision to add new face in Database(contains separate info for nose, forehead, mouth, lips separate information)

Files can be different in size/type/resolution

Færdigheder: .NET, Java, PHP

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