Simple licensing system frontend with ACL

We have a network license system for our software

the server side is presently based on a csv text file that I modify manually to create/delete/update licenses

I would like to have a basic web interface to avoid to manually edit the text file and let future distributors unlock their licenses

# login system

# a few forms and display tables

# CSV file generation

Below are the details, let's chat if you have questions

The interface should have a secure login system to allow a user to authenticate on the system

based on the user role, he will be able to display and access his licenses and do some of the following actions:

- create a user and define its role

- create a license code and select associated features (using a form listing the available features)

- update a license code (features, features expiration dates, client, subscription, unlock) again using a form

The data should be kept in a Mysql DB

a script will generate and update the existing csv file when a modification occurs

users roles:

- admin (can create users and define roles and access all license information)

- distributor (can login and access some licenses to unlock them)

- client (no login, used only to identify the license owner)

A license code can activate multiple features with specific expiration date for each feature

features can be linked to a subscription

a license code can be linked to a distributor

expiration dates are updated everyday unless a subscription ends or the code (or feature) is manually deactivated or in test mode (script needed for daily updates of expiration dates)

a license code must be linked to a user

each feature can be activated/deactivated separately

feature can be in test mode, in that case, it's activated but the expiration date is set manually and not automatically updated

I started to work on it but don't really have the time

attached the DB scheme I used as a start, it might help but need to be modified a little

and a sample of the licence code text file we use currently


Login screen

# Admin screen with 4 buttons: create user - edit user - create licence - edit licence

--create user will display a form with user fields and + "create user" button

--edit user will display form with existing user details and allow modification of the user details + "save" button

--create license will display the licence fields: code, user (new or existing user ->drop list) and a form to define features to be activated + "create license" button

--edit license will allow modification of a license code features (active/expiration date/test + "save" button

# distributor screen with 1 button: unlock licence, drop list to choose the license to unlock + "unlock license" button

Unlocking a license will run a local script on the server with the license code

#a page to display and sort and search the existing license in a table

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