MySpace Layout Site Clone

Front End:

1) Clone of [url removed, login to view], but different background and theme. Follow css style though!

2) Links:

a. Home: back to the site defined in the admin panel. default will be [url removed, login to view]

b. Add Our MySpace: ask for myspace link

c. Layouts: index to layout section

d. Tricks & Tweaks Section: [url removed, login to view]

e. Contact Us: simple form to contact admin(email defined in admin panel)

3) Content

a. All the layouts: show all layouts

b. Profile Codes: show only profile codes

[url removed, login to view]

c. Comment Boxes: show only comment boxes

d. Pixels and icons: show only pixels and icons

e. Cute love quotes: show only cute love quotes

f. Locate friend id: show only friend id

[url removed, login to view]

g. Music Skins: show only music skins

4) Search bar that goes through whole site.

5) Set up the layout preview exactly like '[url removed, login to view]' has with their layouts. Notice how the layouts have an original template (each is mod to show different file) . When importing something, it should auto make the preview pic for it by creating a thumb(340x190 px).

6) Please have something set up so it shows the "new" stuff. So for example, if I upload an icon that day, it should come up under new and then icons. If I add a layout that day it should come up under new and then layouts. I need this for a simple reason. So when users visit my site. They can see if there is anything new. The new stuff should last for 2 days. After the second day is up, it will not be considered new. It will just go to the normal section of the site.

Back End:

1) The general tab(first page after logging in): Link to- layouts, comment boxes, profile codes, icons

2) I want the statistics displayed in a whole new tab called “statistics” ...should be number of layouts, number of catagories, number of uniques/(day,week,month), how many times a specific layout is viewed, most popular layout, most popular category, least popular layout, least popular category..time and date site started. Next, the reset section, able to reset all statistics or each part of statistics.

3) Drop down box asking what category to put it in. e.g: in the layout tab ask if I want to enter layout in skinny layouts, default layouts, div layouts

4) SEO and Advertisements: able to import affiliate links/banners into site(able to accept php and html coding). Banners will go at the top of site(ask for code, start date, end date). Links will go under left menu(ask for link including text- <a href=”link”>text</a>, start date, end date)

5) I need something like a bad words file so that when people are posting ideas in a public area, they will not be able to use bad words. In the e-mail I have sent titled "found nice admin panel to help :)" please pay close attention to that, because I want everything they have on it plus the stuff I asked for already.

JUST TO BE SURE ABOUT THIS: all pics will be on my server not on photobucket or any other domain! Credit on layouts will be made from credit pic and site link(both defined in admin panel)

Færdigheder: Grafisk Design, Internet Markedsføring, Joomla, Photoshop, PHP

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