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I have a music site, [url removed, login to view] and I want to make it into a music portal.

I want to use this flash layout: [url removed, login to view]

and want the features below:

1. try to make the site in AJAX so page reloads would be minimal

2. have user accounts � username and password

a. users can edit profile, and make chosen username as a sub-domain or directory like, for example either [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] so when this is put in the URL it goes to the persons profile page

i. profile will include a set of general questions and ability to upload pictures, and more questions can be added / edited from the admin panel

b. have artist / DJ accounts

i. artists get 20MB allocated to them to upload songs to the profile and let other users rate them and leave comments - this space limit can be changed from the admin panel

ii. Artist / DJ can choose to make the songs available for download and allow other users to put the song on their profile, and page views and song downloads and plays are counted and shown on the artists / DJ's page only

iii. allow html and myspace coding to be used to edit the look of the profile page

3. users can contact other users via private messages which would make inbox, saved, sent, trash folders with date and time for each and if a sent message is not yet read by the user that its sent it, the user sending the private message can UNSEND the message�and they can also leave comments for other users which can be deleted by the user that the comment is for and the user leaving the comment can edit / delete the comment they left for 15 minutes after leaving the comment

4. create a database for the albums that are on the site and for future albums

a. album, artist, title, year, genre

b. database can be searched for any one of these fields

5. Have new pages to be automatically created once the content is uploaded to a folder on the server. Just specify the folder name and the rest is done by it self., also retrieve the tag info from the mp3 to insert in the database so this would not have to be done manually

6. registered users can rate the song or the whole album and leave comments about the album below the track listings, show 5 or 10 comments per page ( this number can be changed from the admin panel )

a. users leaving the comment can edit or delete their own comment at anytime

7. be able to have a competition between registered artists- other registered users would vote on the competition but the votes for each artist will not be shown rather a total number of ALL votes will be shown and at the end of the competition period the votes would be revealed and a winner would automatically be selected based on the votes.

a. There will be a limit to 1 vote per registered user, per IP address for each competition

b. The competition would work as, users would vote on which song to have the competition on, the song with the most votes will be the winning song for the DJ's in the competition to mix and upload to the competition section

c. This section would have the original song on top.. with the DJ's below that with their remixed song

8. from the admin panel, I would be able to upload new albums, or songs, and be able to send emails out to all users or select which users to send an email to

9. create a [url removed, login to view] flash music player which can be added to the user profiles and once a user is logged in they can select any real player file to be used as the music for the profile page, and the order can be changed from the user edit profile page.

a. Users can also create playlists from the songs on the site and be able to save these playlists for the next time they log in, they can play those songs

b. There will also be a external linking to other files that can be played from the media player on the users page

10. have a user uploaded section where users can post links to files to download

a. maybe some type of blog or message board or something where users can leave comments as well

11. all that are available for download / listen would be counted

Also want to be able to update the flash design easily, so maybe a CMS based portal with a admin panel where I can add/remove content for the site

Not sure how I want all these features to work, but I want to have these features and can have some minor changes to the project to see what works best.

Any questions, please ask.

Evner: Adobe Flash, AJAX, Lidt af Hvert, CMS, MySQL, PHP

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