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Flash Card Game Triple Triad

Triple Triad Card Game – Based off Final Fantasy 8 for Playstation

This could take 20+ hours for the person who puts this game together. Game will be put together in Flash and the required skills will be PHP, Flash, Action Script. SQL and possibly some others. My budget is $300 or less, and whoever does this, they can take up to 2 weeks to make the game. It’d be nice to see some samples of past work but that is not required. ALSO, whoever takes this job and if I like how well they made this game for me, I most likely will hire them to do other work from time to time if they agree.


I and some other people will be doing most of the graphics for the game for the cards and a few other things; I just need someone to program and put together this whole game. It will be made for my message board at [url removed, login to view] and I will want it so that members can play against each other in real time and this game has to take the logged in users from my message board using, meaning if they are signed up and signed into my board than they can easily go over to the triple triad link and start playing. Also, I will want it so that players can earn a currency called Gil by playing against each other which they can than use to buy more cards. Each member will be able to own up to 100 “virtual” cards and before each game they will be able to select 5 that they want to play with in each game. The game will also have to allow users to be able to chat with each other. There will be a lobby where members can set up a game and edit the settings of the card game and other users can join in any game in the lobby or create their own game. In both the lobby and each individual game the users will be able to talk in a chat room like feature, it can be very primitive and simple but should be real-time. The whole card game playing will be in real time flash!

If I find a good offer sooner than the time this project closes, I will close it early and take that good offer and we can begin work immediatly.

First off, this site here [url removed, login to view] features the game playable online but it’s all PHP based, I want something similar but Flash based. This page features rules [url removed, login to view] I expect whoever wins this bid to read over all the rules at that site, register at that site and to try out the game so that he (or she) knows exactly how the game works and everything. Basically all the rules that they have at that site I want for my game.


What Is Triple Triad?

Triple Triad is a card game where you have a board that has 9 slots (go here to see what the play area looks like [url removed, login to view]:[url removed, login to view] ) and you lye down cards on it and try to flip over your opponents cards. Each card has 4 numbers on it (as seen here [url removed, login to view]:[url removed, login to view] ) where the top number would be attacking anyone above you, right number would be attacking anyone to the right of you and so on. If you lye down a card next to a member who’s number facing your card is lower than yours, you flip over their card and that card becomes your color. If your number is the same or lower than their card, nothing happens. You can flip over multiple cards per turn.

You play until the board is filled up and whoever has the most cards that are their color wins. The number of cards each person has is shown at the top of the game at all times, so when you flip someone’s card over your score goes up 1 and their score goes down 1. The number on the cards go from 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – A; 1 is the lowest and A is the highest.

To read more about the game go here [url removed, login to view]


Important Notes:

-When members play against each other, they get 10 Gil per a win, 1 Gil per loss and 3 Gil per draw. Again, Gil is used to buy more cards. There are 10 types of cards, Level 1 cards are weak, Level 10 cards are usually the strongest (usually consisting of all 9 and A numbers on them) and everything in between. The average Level 1 card will probably be 10 Gil and the average Level 10 card will probably be 1000 Gil. Average Level 5 card will be between 250 – 500 gil; again I will be designing the cards and assigning the prices.

-Each member starts out with 100 Gil. Since there will be a play option which the members can play for keeps, it is possible for members to run out of cards or to have less than 5 cards. If a member manages to get less than 5 cards and also has less than 40 gil than they can buy a starter deck for 1000 Viz (my board’s currency, nothing to do with the gil currency) and that starter deck will be 5 cards selected at random of Level 1 cards.

-Members will be able to bet Gil and/or Viz on each game

-Of course there will be a store where members can purchase cards. There will be multiple categories and it should be setup so that I can easily add and manage the categories and the available cards in each category.

-I want the profiles for the members on the board to show all the cards, wins, ties and losses each member has. All this stuff will be saved to the SQL database.

-When a user goes to create a room, they should be offered many options; they should be able to adjust what rules, if the game is for keeps or not (for keeps means if the winner wins by 1, he gets to select 1 card that he flipped over to keep; if the winner wins by 2 or 3, they get to select 2 or 3 cards to keep). Other options include a timer where the person who made the room can adjust how long each persons turn is, time ranges would be 30 seconds, 1, 3 minutes, 10 minutes and no time limit (no time limit would be default); if the user runs out of time on their turn they one of their card gets randomly selected and randomly placed on to the board.

-The default board will be 3 x 3, but I also want a special game made where the board is 4 x 4 and another mode that is 5 x 5. In the 4 x 4 mode the players will have to select 8 cards to be played each; also, in this rule, the winner gets 20 Gil, loser gets 1 and tie gets 3. In the 5 x 5 rule, I want there to be an option where 3 or 4 players can all play against each other; this would be the only mode where 3 or 4 players can all play against each other, all other ways of playing are only 1 on 1. So in the 5 x 5 rule, if it’s only 1 against 1 than the players would select 13 cards each; if it’s 3 players (1 on 1 on 1) than each player selects 9; if it’s 4 players (1 on 1 on 1 on 1), than each player would select 7 cards each. The winner of the 5 x 5 rule would get 50 Gil, loser (or losers) would get 1 gil, and (if it’s possible), the people who tied would get 3 gil each (this would be that if for example if 4 people are playing, all 4 would have to tie)

-Another game rule would be that you can choose which level cards can be played in the game; the person creating the room can choose to make it so that you can only play with level 2 cards, for example, or choose multiple options like you can only play with level 2 – 5 cards or something like that.

-Members can also sell their cards ½ of what the cards are worth. I also want it so that members can put their cards up for sale and other members can buy cards from other players for the amount of Gil the seller wants to sell it for.

-All the card buying and selling and stuff can all take place within PHP but the lobby area and all the game playing WILL take place in Flash!

-Again, I want this all set up so that it’s easy for me to customize things such as make more card categories and to add more cards to each category that would be available to be purchased.


-I may also come up with several idea’s and whoever takes this job must be willing to add in my additional ideas, but they will be small idea’s. This whole game will be made for $300 or less so you must agree to this fact also before taking up this job.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Grafisk Design, PHP

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