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California Attorneys

I already have the site [url removed, login to view]

I pretty much want an exact duplicate of that site, with a few changes listed below, created at [url removed, login to view]


1) Bannner needs to have a different look - the sites must appear different. Also, I would like a banner with some flash, not too much though. I will provide gifs to include in the banner

2) Homepage map of USA will be different. I will provide the gif for this - it will be a map of Califoria, but with only one link, taking to the following city page (as opposed to now having links to each of the state pages).

Flow of pages will be the same:

- Homepage with map,

- [url removed, login to view] where you select the city and practice area,

- [url removed, login to view] providing results of city/practice area search,

- [url removed, login to view] providing details of the attorney selected at [url removed, login to view]

I had considered breaking up the search results into a paid listing area and a free listing area, but have decided NO, I want it just as [url removed, login to view] with ONLY PAID LISTINGS.

And just as the site is set up now, the different cities appear only after a user has placed a listing on that page, or a banner on that page (see below)

3) NEW: I want a program that will allow me to upload banners and asign to different search pages. For example, I can assign banner-A to appear everytime someone searches "San Diego / divorce" and banner-B appears everytime there is a search for "Los Angeles / divorce" ...banner-C appears everytime there is a search for "San Diego / Personal Injury" and so on.

I also want to be able to assign a banner for the [url removed, login to view] page.

Banners are to appear as follows:

on [url removed, login to view] - centered just above the words "Find Attorneys in California"

on [url removed, login to view] - left justified and just above the results description, for example on search for San Diego and Auto Accident, just above the results description "Attorneys in San Diego, California : Auto Accident Attorney"

I need an admin area, password protected, where I can upload the banners and mark as "pay" so they appear, or "no pay" so they don't appear...obviously I need to tell the database in which search each banner is to appear.

Initially I would like a banner placed on all the search pages, reading "Click to have your banner here, or email California_Attorneys @ yahoo.com"

When the user clicks on the banner, he is taken to a banner signup page, telling the user he can pay for the banner monthly, and a paypal button (I will provide the paypal code). Upon successful payment, paypal will automatically send the user back to a page, [url removed, login to view] in which the user will provide:

Law Firm Name:

Phone Number:

Contact Person:

City/Practice area: (this should be two dropdown menus, one to select the city and one to select the law area)

The user clicks enter and the system should search to determine if that city/law area is available for banner placement. If available, a page will allow uploading of the banner (limit the size to the typical 468x60 on search pages...if they upload any other size, on the search page it will only appear as 468x60.) If there already is a banner in the selected city/law area, a message should appear, "We are sorry, but that city/law search results page is already taken. Please try again."

In my admin area, I need to see all the banners assigned to the different searches, the law firm name, phone #, and contact name for each banner.

4) Last but not least, I would like to increase the size of each attorney detail area, (updatable by the attorney) from the current 600 character size, to 1000 characters.

That's about it.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Banner Design, PHP, SEO

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