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299808 ActionScript/ PHP/MySQL Game

We're creating a simple game. It is done primarily in Macromedia Flash

and is going to be tied to a database. It needs to read values from the

database and also insert values into the database as the Flash movie

runs. WE WILL PROVIDE THE FLASH MOVIE. You will do the actionscript

and/or the PHP/MySQL.

Part 1 - Database & Design

This would require PHP and MySQL skills. Need to create a database

called SECUREGAME with 4 tables - USERS, PLAYS, CODES (200 codes),

PRIZES (500,000 prizes). We will provide the structure for the database

and 200 unique codes for the CODES database. The 500,000 prize plays

will be generated by YOU according to our specification and each prize

play will need to have a unique security ID that is difficult to guess

(long alphanumeric with some kind of checksum), a prize and an inventory switch (0 = used, 1 = available to be won) The security ID should be long because we don't want people "guessing" our prize security ID's.

Part 2 - Flash Movie & MySQL interation

When someone comes to play, we ask them for their e-mail address and

their "code". If they don't exist in the USERS table, we have them fill

in a registration form and insert that data into the USERS table. Then

we check if that "user" used that "code" within the last 7 days. If

they have, they can't play.

If they haven't used that code in the last 7 days, they're allowed to

play. We create a new entry in the PLAYS table and they get to play the

game (the PLAYS table will choose a prize_id randomly and track their

user_id, their code_id, date, time, IP address and the stage/result of

their game).

The game has 4 choices. Each time the player makes a choice, we check the PRIZES database to see if it was the right choice. When they make the first choice, we see if it's the right choice in the database. If

it is, we update the PLAYS table to show what they picked, what they

should pick and the status/stage of the game. If they make all 4 choice

correctly, they are awarded that prize and mark it in the PLAYS table.

Also, we check off that the prize has been used (PRIZES DATABASE). If

they make the wrong choice at any time during the game, we update the

PLAYS database to reflect that they lost and the PRIZES database so we

know the prize has been used.

If someone leaves a game and then comes back, we continue them where they left off (or show the "Sorry you lose" if they lost).

When someone wins, we e-mail 2 people informing them of the win and tell that person that they will be contacted shortly. We then mark that win in the PLAYS table.


actionscript necessary to have it interact with a MySQL database.

The project has a short turn-around so you will be paid quickly. We're

looking at 5 days to complete.

We welcome bids on either the Flash Actionscript or the PHP/MySQL or


Thank you.

Evner: Adobe Flash, Lidt af Hvert, PHP

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We are very adept in Flash action scritp games. We can do a very high quality game for you.

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