Improvements for Site (In PHP)

Below is the improvements/changes I would like to my site which is a site coded in PHP and I will fully explain everything to your needs if accepted. There is 3 addons I need to the site and 1 change. I have put the what I want changing and adding in the Deliverables section.

## Deliverables

Ok Ill start with the change. :: Password - Change :: As you know e-mails don't send currently, and currently the password for signup is sent to your e-mail. But it does not send can you change it so it does not do that and you pick your password at the beginning of registration. It still sends an e-mail saying 'Registration Complete' or whatever, drag it from the templates. This is so when e-mails do send out it sends them an e-mail still. I think thats a pretty basic change. Now the Addons (Bit more complex). :: Addon 1 - Tracking Ref :: OK basically when you see the code you will see things called 'Campaigns' or called 'Product Categories' these have URLs which are generated for members (If you wish you can make an account at [url removed, login to view] as a Publisher to see what I mean). All I want is something that can be added on the end of the URL like '&track=' and someone would but the URL on thier site like '[url removed, login to view]' As you can see the &track= is on the end of the URL but with 134 (it could be anything 'fd2', anything) as well. Basically when the offer is completed you will see it goes through that URL and when it hits a certain page it makes a transaction and confirms it. But what I would like you to do is have an extra column for transactions called 'Tracking' and puts say 134 in that column and the same row of transaction. (This column wants to be added in the Transactions section). :: Addon 2 - Exporting to CSV :: This is a pretty basic feature if you login as a Publisher and click Transactions link, you can see that you can generate a report, well below that is where the reports generated in the corner there wants to be a link called 'Export to CSV' all it does is drags the transactions and puts it in to a CSV format for them to download. :: Addon 3 - Merchants Panel :: I think this is the biggest feature (and last). If you login as me as a Merchant you will see the full Admin CP ([url removed, login to view]). If you click the link User Profiles (which I would like renamed to Merchants Accounts) it is not very good and does not really do what I want it to. When I add a merchant I want to be able to just give them access to thier campaign (so select from a list which campaign is theres). Also a feature called 'Finance' which shows the amount they owe to Trienta (Us - BritishRewards) with a PERCENTAGE added on, I want to be able to select the percentage thats added on (this is a charge for being merchants coming on the network), when im adding them I want to select the percentage. Last feature would be Account Details so they can edit the account information. Also could you make a page which they can be registetered from (a registration page), but when they complete registration is says you will be notified of your acceptance in 74 hours and marks them as pending and I have to approve them when I do I set thier access and charge. Thanks a lot.

## Platform

Firefox Internet Explorer

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