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I am searching for a EXPERIENCED web developer that has a true understanding of the pay per minute phone/chat psychic business model(and programming thereof). IF YOU HAVE DESIGNED A PROFESSIONAL LEVEL PSYCHIC NETWORK FOR OTHER CLIENTS, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! I want to see your work. For an example of a site that I feel is done well, please visit [url removed, login to view] (not affiliated). This website must be able to fully integrate with an automated IVR phone system, have a fully functional CMS to manage the front end, operate as a automated ecommerce site, database and much more. This project will require extensive custom coding and need to be fully configured to my specifications. I need a designer that can devote their time immediately to this project, as it is deeply behind schedule (due to a incompetent web developer). My vision is complete, content is complete, IVR Programming is complete. Again, if you do not truly understand the concept of pay per minute online advice websites ( and how one is built), please do not respond. Thank You.

[url removed, login to view]

Project Scope: To design and build a psychic website and database that will serve as an automated business. The completed project will include all visual elements; a user friendly interface: the addition of interactive and dynamic content: information deployment based on supplied promotional materials and content: the creation of RSS feeds, forms for data collection: a fully functional MySQL driven backend with four levels of users…Members, Psychics, Administration, and sub-administration. Each level will be able to manipulate their profiles, manage payments, and view statistics based upon their specific requirements as outlines below. All content of the main website will be maintained through a CMS (Content Management System)

Requested Build Time – 60 days

Features & Services Included:

• Graphically enhanced multimedia (audio/video/flash) capable site: The website will include a dynamic menu system and user interface.

• A profile for Members and Psychics will be created.

• Designed Landing Page w/ video

• Full integration with Merchant One and Control Scan to be PCI Compliant

• All required security certificates.

• Development of automated shopping cart with ability to “back sell” a Member additional services after the initial purchase.

• Development of “Member Authorized Online Account”. This allows the customer to pre-pay for services, add funds or post-pay the exact amount necessary to complete a desired transaction.

• Development of tracking clock. This system will analyze the Members available funds and determine (and convey the IVR phone system or chat system, for the Members knowledge) the exact amount of time, minutes and seconds. In addition, the system must warn the Members through a prompt to the IVR or an audible tone via chat when they have less than one minute remaining in their psychic session (based on a calculation of balance and Psychics price per minute rate). This will give the Member and opportunity to add funds to their account and continue their reading. The system must also have a rule in place that will prevent a reading to be authorized unless the Member has more than what equals five minutes of talk time in their account.

• The ability to alter through the back end (CMS) the following features: The psychics price per minute rate, Psychics work schedule, featured psychics, all front end pricing, the ability to edit, preview all psychic promo material before moving to the front end (including the ability to receive audio bios from the IVR). Add testimonials to the front end. Track missed/chat requests.

• Development of Refer-a friend program, and birthday rewards.

• Development of all required features in “Psychic BOX”

• Integration with 3rd party affiliate program.

• Development of a feedback (rating system) for the psychics. The Members will be able to rate their psychic by “star” rating through the IRV following their phone conversation, or by comment. All comments must be first sent and approved by admin prior to posting.

• Development of FAQ with ability to edit and post new info from the backend

• Development of system that allows a Member to pre-pay and schedule appointments based on the psychics work schedule. In addition, rules must be implemented that prevent the psychic from logging in and working outside of their admin approved work schedule.

• The ability to talk to the psychic via phone (calling the 1-877 number, initiating a “click to call” from the psychics online profile, or via chat box online.

• Development of “my local time”. This will prompt the psychic and member to enter their local time at login. This will be tied to all work schedules which will shift and make the website accurate for any US time zone.

• The ability to sell, route, complete and return through internal email accounts (all psychics and members will have their own email account within the system) email readings, dream analysis readings, and email astrology charts.

• Development of video and audio podcast.

• Development of Psychic Cash Rewards Program (3% back on all purchases)

• Development of Mentorship Program – the ability for Members to have regular scheduled appointments at a discounted rate for a pre-determined length of time. Auto-charge weekly.

• Development of online application to hire new psychics.

• Integration with 3rd party horoscope feed, and ability to email daily horoscope to all opt in users.

• Integration with PayPal

• Members will be able to register, select and browse through psychic profiles, see which psychics are live/or available, upload their own photos, maintain their personal information, pay or subscribe to the various services offered, schedule psychic sessions, and track their usage and spending though an account activity folder.

• Psychics will be able to register, initiate and track their readings, view their income, receive notifications of Members requesting their services via email, sms, scheduled sessions in the future or by phone, upload profile images and audio bios or video bios, submit articles and content to the site relevant to the categories and subjects allowable (must be pre-approved by admin) which will help make the site a resource of information for people who would visit, and as a way to promote themselves. This will help increase traffic and search engine rankings.

• Admin will be able to manage and view all profiles, update content on the site, authorize or lock accounts, view and manage all income and distribute payments and refunds, manage customer service inquires, submit and send emails and newsletters to subscribers, and offer discounts through promo code system.

• Complete IVR (automated phone routing system) integration. Using the API supplied by the IRV developer the database will relay critical information such as: Member account information (balance), amount of time available to speak with a psychic based on price per minute and funds currently in account, phone numbers of logged in Member and Psychic, Psychics logged in and which are currently available and unavailable, and the connection with merchant account so Members may add funds to account via phone.

• Live chat functionality so Members and Psychics may conduct their psychic readings without the use of a phone.

• SEO Compliant, to prepare for online marketing. The site will be indexed with Google and other major search engines as part of this proposal. Key Meta tags will be added to all pages of content and can be altered by the client as necessary. Also the site will be configured with analytics to track PPC campaigns. Client will have the ability to choose and insert keywords used to find the site.

• Dynamically updated RSS news and blog functionality.

• Full cross-browser compatibility

• Testing, de-bugging, training and support is included for 60 days after launch.

Evner: Lidt af Hvert, CMS, eHandel, PHP, Hjemmeside Management

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