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Hi I would like to make link clocking software similar to linkshrinker located here [url removed, login to view]

Or [url removed, login to view] but I would like to build enhanced features.

With this software I will own copyright I would like to have these features.

Unlimited Ability For Tracking Link Campaigns

Software also lets you track visitors for multiple campaigns. You'll know how many clicks your links receive for all your promotions.

You can track links in emails and everywhere you post ads on the Web. You'll know immediately which advertising resource are worth pursuing and start focusing your time on the most effective marketing strategies.

Your Personal Affiliate Rolodex

Link Clocking Software where You can store all of your affiliate program information in one convenient place - promotion tools link, affiliate id log-in URL, username and password etc..

Link Clocking Software where you have one-click access to your affiliate statistics page. This saves so much time and hassle (dealing with passwords) that you will NEVER want to go back to the old way.

Extra Commission Protection

Link Clocking Software doesn't just protect your affiliate link from commission thieves once. It provides 100% continuous protection even AFTER the visitor clicks over to the affiliate sales page.

So even though they may be looking at this page:

=> [url removed, login to view]

...they'll still see your professional link in the address bar:

=> [url removed, login to view]

And get this...even if they view the source of the page, all they will see is a bunch of scrambled code!

Look at [url removed, login to view] that is what I would like the inside of the software to look like.

Also make it have two different options for protecting your affiliate links.

The first option is the Embedded Mode. In this mode your affiliate code will be inserted in the html page itself. Besides, a cookie will be placed on your visitor's computer.

The second option is the Cloaked Affiliate Link Mode. In this mode when your visitor clicks on your affiliate link (that doesn't look like an affiliate link) he/she will be redirected to a page of your choice.

Make the pages generated by software with redirect pages.

I think that the redirect method (including placing a cookie on your visitor's computer) protects your affiliate links better. If you have some experience as an Internet surfer, it's fairly easy to view the invisible frame.

to protect your affiliate commissions, the redirect method is probably safest.

Make it very easy to use. For example, if you place your mouse over a button, a little pop-up text will immediately tell you what that button does.

Do a lot to ensure that the security level of the generated affiliate links, is high. They point out that the common way of protecting affiliate links namely using hexadecimal code â isn't as safe as you're often told. If you have a HEX conversion table, you can easily decrypt the hexadecimal code.

This software is intended to bypass this security problem.

The code is encrypted so that 99 % of all your visitors won't have a chance to decrypt it.

The ability to place cookies on a visitor's computer. So, for instance, if someone visits a webpage with the affiliate link, The affiliate will get an affiliate commission if that visitor later on decides to order that product even if he or she doesn't order it through your web site and your affiliate links. Once the cookie is placed on the visitor's computer, Affiliates will get their commission.

Now, of course it's possible for a smart visitor to bypass this process. He (or she) can just delete cookies on his computer.

But still, most people on the Internet don't do that particularly when they don't have clue that the cookie is placed on the computer.

Software that adds a little bit of code to your existing web page (when you use the "embedded mode"). As soon as your visitor views your page - BAM! - they get tagged with YOUR affiliate cookie. Link Clocking Affiliate both cloaks the URL, hiding your affiliate information, ...and gives the visitor a cookie without his knowledge. So, Whether your visitor clicks on your affiliate link or not

As long as s/he buys the product after visiting your website Even if s/he makes a purchase from that site a few days or months later ...

Make encryption that cannot be hacked, except by very advanced coders

Make it work really well. Make it easy to use.

Feature request Webpage Conversion Tracker

Adding The Ability To Track PPC Campaigns




Google Conversion ID

Your 10 Digit Google Conversion ID. To obtain this code and begin tracking conversion data, click Conversion Tracking at the top of your account's Campaign Management tab. Follow the on screen instructions until you are provided with your Google Conversion Tracking Code. Within that code you will see your Google_Conversion_ID.

Yahoo Conversion ID

Your 28 Digit Yahoo Conversion ID. To obtain this code and begin tracking conversion data, log into your Yahoo Search Marketing Account, click on "Administration", then on "Analytics".

MSN DomainID

MSN DomainID. To obtain this code and begin tracking conversion data, log into your MSN Ad center Account, Click on a Campaign, then on the "Settings" tab, then under "Campaign Settings" click the "Advanced Options" link.


MSN CP. To obtain this code and begin tracking conversion data, log into your MSN Ad center Account, Click on a Campaign, then on the "Settings" tab, then under "Campaign Settings" click the "Advanced Options" link."

Click Here to View Screenshot in software

Feature request to be able to add multiple websites would like to develop a feature in the user interface that allows me or anyone that has the software to add different domains in a list or dropdown or something. That allows the person to add their domains so their promotions look customized in this example I am using my own domains to show you what I mean:

http://butt&[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

or this:

http://butt&[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

So it only needs to be installed once on the persons server and doesn't need to be installed multiple times for different websites.

The most important part would be the user interface easy to use clean looking with instructions on what does what

I would also like

The Link Clocking Software to be able to be delivered in a ZIP archive which includes the software, an install guide, a self-installer script, and a complete user guide in PDF format. The software will be for commercial use and I will buy the copyrights to the software.

Thanks for your time

Jason Szova

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