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I'm willing to pay $175-225 for this work.

I need a video website that allows users to build and burn their own video business card. I need this done in 15 days or less. You can make it in any cms you want but it must be easy to use. I'll pick someone quickly so respond to your messages on here.

The tempaltes will be simular to what a website looks like with 7 buttons that when pressed go to that page with content or redirect to a site. The kicker is I want the client to be able to burn all this to a media of their choice like a cd, dvd, mini dvd or usb drive. I also want it to be able to be mailed or uploaded to facebook, twitter etc

I'm willing to pay $175-225 for this work.

Attached is how the site will. I don't have the psd for what is attached, but that is the exact look.

Site Features:

• Choose from a selection of templates for different business and occasions that are different in color and have different button arrangements. So it is basically a video business card but allows my customers to create their own right online without any coding knowledge

Like there would be different video templates for say, car dealers, real estate, doctors etc

• The ability to design their own label (cover of disc) using a selection of templates with different colors, sizes and layouts such as mini cd's, full size cd's, hockey rink cd's etc.

• The ability to upload their own logo

• The ability to upload their own video or shoot one directly while in the building mode using their web cam or other connected camera

• The ability to add intro music when the disc is first inserted using supplied clips or a clip of their own

• The ability to add music to any page they choose and have an on/off button for the user

• The ability to add a caption under their video

• A text editor that gives them the ability to add content to each page

• The ability to place multiple videos up to 10 minutes each depending on their disc size

• The ability to add a slideshow with or without music

• The ability to name buttons and direct them to a url of their choice

• The ability to add a pdf with live links

• A button that emails them directly

• VCARD technology so the person viewing the card can save the persons info to their outlook or other mail client

• The ability to preview their card before purchasing

• Card will be stored on our server for 30 days unless they purchase then it is stored indefinitely

• Once they purchase they can download the video file and burn to a disc of their choice or other media devise such as a usb card or zip drive

• The program MUST be written so that when the user inserts the card it auto starts and opens to the main template

• Once the user pays for their card they will have the ability to take an html link or embed code to be used to email or place the embed code on a site of their choice

• One touch button to upload to twitter, facebook, myspace, youtube

• We will offer reseller option and this will be in the form of an affiliate program and it will be 50%

• Integration of Paypal account

• The client will pay for design of their card at a set price

• They will also be able to choose from different packages such as

Design one card…$99

Design 2 cards…$190

Design 3 cards…$270

Design 5 cards…$375

Design 10 cards…$700

Over 10… Request a quote

We will also provide duplication services… I will provide pricing

• Integration of client supplied affiliate software for affiliate program

• Place to sell banner ads on site

Parts that are hard:

I don't care how the video gets uploaded as long as it is easy for the end user and has a progress bar to monitor but when the end user burns their design to a disc they can hand them out to prospects and when placed in the tray they would autostart: and open to the main page. the designer would be able to upload videos, text and pictures

This process seems very hard.

Whatever they can do at the site and see they should be able to do from the disc or usb zip drive There are a lot more features that go into this, like uploading a pdf, having a slideshow etc

Ease of operation:

The user should be able to build this card in about 5-7 easy steps and it should all be plug and play without a big learning curve or computer knowledge.

A 75 year old should be able to complete this as well as a 10 year old and everyone in between. The entire design process should take the user around 10-15 minutes at the maximum.

Admin Section:

A user-friendly admin panel that allows me to easily change verbiage on the site and allows me to make minor changes to the site look.

Timeline to complete site:

15 days from the start of the project

Weekly updates that include actual hands on view of site development

Daily communication via email

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