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324494 simple conversion

I want the mathematical formula or method to convert 6 hexadecimal numbers to 4 hexadeimal numbers. The sample input-output is as follows:

6 Digit 4 Digit

---------- -------

02::38::DD 27::D5

02::40::B3 5E::8F

02::42::78 31::F8

02::65::51 8C::E9

02::96::4E 95::2A

03::6C::B0 12::59

03::86::92 65::AE

03::A6::56 DD::2A

03::EC::B0 02::59

04::DC::23 BB::B7

07::02::97 E9::CA

07::AE::B0 C4::58

07::C6::97 AD::CB

07::F6::5A 14::7B

08::AA::61 B8::25

09 ::E3::00 0A::01

09::E3::F7 02::E8

0A::1E::8E 1E::8E

0A::46::7B 35::FB

0A::80::B0 9E::8C

0A::82::78 71::F8

0A::C6::79 B5::F9

0B::A5::00 CC::F4

0B::BE::D0 AD::2C

0E::96::96 64::AE

0E::A1::53 C8::EB

0E::C8::78 B7::F8

0F::32::5B 50::7B

0F::76::58 94::78

0F::76::5A 94::7A

10::6D::1A 6C::7A

10::6D::3A 65::CE

11::20::45 4F::2D

11::9C::E0 6A::70

12::48::CC 2E::58

12::9A::B6 99::B6

12::DA::8E B1::EA

12::DC::B4 DB::B4

13::1B::9E 0B::5E

13::EE::21 ED::49

14::3D::14 2D::F4

14::86::C4 9D::68

16::02::CE E8::59

16::B5::8E B5::C6

16::D0::5B CE::3F

17::22::10 41::08

17::26::10 45::08

17::68::10 87::08

1A::0A::A7 09::D7

1A::31::8E 49::A6

1A::8A::A6 89::D6

1A::F7::8F 0F::A8

1B::20::E4 36::50

1D::CD::D1 A5::75

1E::04::CD EA::58

1F::3E::E6 34::52

23::0F::3F E7::D6

23::43::15 5C::41

24::4D::19 55::B9

27::28::09 39::3D

28::7B::55 92::B5

28::7F::54 96::B4

2C::3B::54 52::B4

2F::4F::3C 27::D4

2F::8D::3C 65::D4

2F::AD::11 CD::D9

30::BF::95 BF::B9

37::25::AE 55::3A

37::A1::AE D1::3A

37::CD::AC CC::C4

3D::B2::D9 B2::FD

41::97::68 7E::E4

44::66::1A 87::AA

46::78::4B 80::9F

46::D6::6A A6::36

48::1E::99 17::19

48::A4::1B C5::AB

49::57::6A 3E::E6

4C::5C::98 55::18

4F::8B::F6 9A::C2

4F::CA::09 C3::51

4F::F3::95 EA::15

51::13::62 03::7E

51::17::61 07::7D

51::2E::71 2E::51

51::52::0E 3B::22

52::B4::59 A5::9D

54::3B::93 5B::03

54::7D::92 9D::02

55::72::78 62::A8

55::76::78 66::A8

55::F6::78 E6::A8

59::2E::71 2E::51

59::2E::72 2E::52

59::A8::73 A8::53

59::DB::F8 DB::38

5A::3A::5A 21::9E

5A::4A::E7 2B::AB

5A::8C::E6 6D::AA

5C::9A::B8 62::4C

5D::30::78 20::A8

5D::6A::73 6A::53

5D::70::7A 60::AA

5D::A8::70 A8::51

5D::DC::BB DC::5B

5D::DF::FB DF::3B

61::2F::10 40::24

61::C1::63 C1::87

63::E1::F5 F8::E9

63::EB::C0 E3::04

65::12::4E 13::32

66::1F::78 EE::AF

66::C4::28 CD::40

67::7D::A5 85::15

6A::55::9C 4D::20

6B::19::59 11::4D

6D::D0::4D D1::31

6D::D2::4D D3::31

6E::28::1D 39::A1

6E::2A::1F 3B::A3

6F::78::8B 60::8F

70::16::DC 0F::54

70::BC::50 A5::34

71::69::82 88::22

71::B9::76 CD::22

71::FD::74 0D::21

74::96::19 96::E1

74::FE::52 E7::36

75::55::98 34::F8

75::5B::4F 33::13

75::84::9a 65::3A

77::4B::DD 23::59

78::F8::50 E1::34

79::2B::82 4A::22

79::FB::0A F3::DE

79::FB::0B F3::DF

7C::47::FA 27::46

7C::C3::F9 A3::45

7D::11::07 09::57

7D::3F::76 37::36

7E::DE::8A C7::F6

7F::C7::5E AF::4A

7F::E8::21 12::32

7F::EA::F5 1A::4A

81::1B::59 FA::64

81::D6::AE A6::B6

83::97::19 6F::C5

85::10::AE E0::B5

85::10::AF E0::B6

85::F0::6C 11::09

87::37::EC 5C::EC

87::3C::E5 2D::A9

89::1B::59 FA::64

8C::00::6E 08::AA

8D::D2::AD A2::B5

8D::D4::AD A4::B5

8F::3A::F7 4A::BB

9B::22::C2 2A::7A

9B::A6::C0 AE::78

9C::FB::7A E2::4A

9D::01::58 01::5B

9D::C4::93 BE::23

9D::ED::F4 15::D1

9F::9C::8D 9E::D9

A0::55::09 34::5D

A0::91::08 70::5C

A1::4E::B6 47::9E

A2::4B::2A 42::22

A2::4E::03 56::BF

A3::77::C3 7F::27

A3::91::B1 91::81

A5::CC::B6 C5::9E

A6::0B::29 02::21

A7::AC::66 D5::46

A8::07::7B 0E::5B

A8::65::8B 65::7F

AB::25::9E 34::6A

AC::08::6B 01::36

AE::35::62 3C::3A

AE::50::65 40::DD

B0::0B::DC F3::43

B0::CA::56 AB::8E

B0::E3::9D 02::D6

B1::14::35 F4::A0

B1::16::D6 EE::79

B2::42::FC 2B::F8

B3::C0::42 B1::D6

B3::F1::A3 E9::FF

B8::11::0A F0::5D

B8::E3::A3 1B::CF

B9::01::4E E9::32

BA::32::35 5C::F1

BA::AC::13 AC::43

BB::84::F8 9C::08

BB::94::1B 8D::EB

BC::E3::15 0B::2E

BD::D4::D4 AC::78

BE::C4::FC AD::F8

C0::CA::11 02::59

C1::7E::F7 70::D3

C1::F5::89 05::46

C2::A4::5D A4::41

C2::FE::EC 07::E5

C3::6A::A4 9B::94

C3::AC::A4 DD::94

C3::EA::A4 1B::95

C4::AB::8D CA::09

C5::29::3D 28::59

C5::FE::F7 F0::D3

C6::21::61 20::95

C6::65::62 64::96

C6::A6::62 A5::96

C6::A7::60 A6::94

C7::13::E1 FA::1C

C7::B1::F5 C1::D9

CD::14::18 15::20

CE::A5::60 A4::94

CF::93::E2 7A::1E

CF::95::E1 7C::1D

D1::28::18 48::4C

D2::22::66 43::9E

D2::7E::7B 9F::0C

D3::85::90 7C::F8

D3::89::11 88::FD

D4::48::11 50::59

D5::E1::94 E0::D8

D5::E5::95 E4::D9

D6::38::98 3A::14

D6::39::D1 4A::6D

D6::63::E3 6A::97

D6::7E::7A 67::12

D6::E3::E3 EA::97

D6::FC::7B E5::13

D7::2F::65 57::75

D7::A9::D2 C0::8A

DA::1C::77 0C::03

DA::20::65 41::9D

DA::38::98 3A::14

DA::6E::15 7D::51

DA::DE::77 CE::03

DE::79::D1 8A::6D

DE::A6::67 C7::9F

DF::67::89 7F::1D

DF::67::B9 67::05

E0::A3::7C C2::04

E0::B2::51 D3::B1

E0::D4::C8 D5::88

E1::20::14 4A::A8

E3::36::45 46::A5

E3::70::45 80::A5

E4::28::CC 30::E0

E4::E8::CE F0::E2

E5::59::BD 31::91

E6::DC::D4 C4::00

E7::70::47 80::A7

E8::34::D0 54::6E

E8::73::C1 93::CD

E8::77::C1 97::CD

E8::B6::D1 D6::6D

E8::E1::1B E9::5B

EB::33::B1 52::B9

EC::03::FF 13::6B

EC::96::D3 87::5F

EE::19::07 18::13

EF::AC::AC D4::04

EF::CA::10 DB::44

F0::21::B9 20::31

F0::4F::C3 37::1F

F0::94::38 64::9C

F0::D6::38 A6::9C

F1::67::F0 8E::B0

F4::25::1E 2C::E2

F4::32::14 4A::64

F4::D0::3B A0::9F

F7::05::2F E5::CA

F7::89::9A 78::A6

F7::F0::66 F2::AE

F8::13::58 E2::0B

F8::D4::39 A4::9D

F8::D6::3B A6::9F

F9::2C::54 54::A0

F9::2C::57 54::A3

F9::62::34 83::68

F9::F2::CA F2::F2

FA::D4::39 A4::9D

FB::09::9C F8::A7

FB::72::67 74::AF

FB::CF::9A BE::A6

FB::F4::66 F6::AE

FC::21::9F 50::5F

FD::21::F2 48::B2

FD::7F::4D 97::35

FE::BE::37 C7::B7

FF::49::9B 38::A7

FF::72::66 74::AE

FF::CD::9B D0::D8

Let me know if you find the formula to convert. (Please test your formula with some of given input output). I have given the sample input and output in the attached file too.

I will escrow the money.

Happy bidding.

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