[NEEDED] block a "break out of frame" script


A lot of websites use a "break out of frames" script to jump out of an iframe and replace my current url with their own url. i need a script that can intercept and destroy the "break out of frames" script before it has a chance to switch my url to their url. this script can be developed in the form of a greasemonkey script, a browser plug-in, an innerHTML grabber, or any other method you can think of (except for proxy scripts because the framed website can then block my IP). whatever method you choose, it MUST be compatible with IE, FF, and Safari. another possible solution may be to use the "onbeforeunload" event. another possible solution may be to add invalid javascript before or after the frameset code to render it useless. it must be able to intercept and destroy ANY VARIATION of the "break out of frames" script...i have attached a example of "break out of frames" scripts that need to be intercepted and detroyed before they have a chance to do their damage:

I will only listen to bids from the lower side of the budget!

Evner: .NET, ASP, Java, Javascript, PHP

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