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I need a distributed CMS/Portal developed for a project that will be based in multiple locations and will need content to be developed within each location.?

The short requirement is to build a CMS/Portal that is based around the user - like Facebook - but with each user being able to be linked to one or more groups/organisations.

The portal should use widgets - such as [url removed, login to view] - but which can be resized to fit the full screen width like on - [url removed, login to view] - so that whole screen web apps can be used. The portal should allow multiple "desktops" to be created by the user which can be populated with different types of content within a widget.?

The user interface should be flexible and based around templates created through the use of CSS pages which can be modified using javascript tools such as those for JQUERY - [url removed, login to view] - and the tools found on [url removed, login to view] for changing fonts, fontstyles, colours, layouts, etc.

## Deliverables



Portal/CMS is designed to address the need to supportindividual learners within a connected world. It aims to provide a flexible,free online learning framework that allows users toconnect to many different applications, tools and technologies in a safe,secure way.

**Portal/CMS Design**

**User-centred**? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Portal/CMSaccounts are created from the data held within a Management Information System. Thus each useraccount is validated and contains accurate data about that user which enablesschools to have confidence that the platform is safe and secure. Once a user iscreated they can be associated with one or more schools/institutions thatallows schools, colleges, individuals and workplace providers from the localarea or across the Internet to provide access to their learning resources.

**Web-based Desktops**? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Eachuser can have a number of web-based desktops within their Portal/CMS [url removed, login to view] desktops can contain a variety of widgets/gadgets that are provided bythe school and/or third-party providers. Widgets/Gadgets can be placed anywhereon the desktop and can be resized to a specific size, maximised or ?€˜iconised?€™to allow them to be placed anywhere within the desktop area. Desktops can bedesigned with a completely personalised ?€œlook and feel?€ using pure CSS toproduce the flexible user interface required for a modern learning environment.A user can choose from a variety of different desktop designs, created for theschool or provided by third-party providers, or can create their own as part ofa school project. The system is designed to be flexible enough to enabledesktop designs to be created for primary schools, secondary schools, adultsand those with special educational (accessibility) needs. Schools can design specific desktopsfor use by students associated with their courses, each of these desktops canhave specific widgets/gadgets associated with them that are either fixed in aposition or allowed to be placed in position by the user.

**Widegts/Gadgets**? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Inorder to make the system as flexible and open as possible each Widget/Gadget canhave a set of rules applied to it. These rules can be set to allow thewidget/gadget to be made available to the user at specific times and/orlocations ?€" allowing a student to have access to the Youtube/Twitter/[url removed, login to view] outside school time even though it may be restricted when they are inschool. Widgets/Gadgets will allow access to a range of tools, technologies andservices from across the Internet, including a variety of selected Web2.0 sitesthat support open standard authentication systems such as OAuth, Shibboleth,etc. Planned widgets/gadgets include those for Google Apps for Education, Google Gadgets, Microsoft Exchange, Moodle, Sharepoint and Sharepoint web parts, Facebook, Twitter, Aviary. The system should be able to display: Text, a variety of bitmap graphics formats, a variety of video formats (including video via HTML5), a variety of audio formats, Flash, Silverlight, RSS feeds, iframes, ePub documents and other standard Internet content formats. Widgets/Gadgets should have a format and documentation that allows others to create 3rd Party Widgets/Gadgets.?

**In-building/in-cloud**? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Manyschools are using systems such as Moodle and Frog VLEs because they can behosted within the school itself. This is partly because they have WANconnectivity issues (eg. Country schools with low bandwidth connections),partly because they do not trust the cloud and partly because they want to havegreater control over the content and resources within the platform. The Portal/CMSwill enable schools to host a copy of school-related resources within theschool LAN and/or allow them to be posted to the cloud-based version of theplatform. We see this as a tool to enable schools to make the transition to acloud-based infrastructure in a structured way.

**WYSIWYG Web editor**? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Portal/CMSalso includes a true WYSIWYG, in-page editor that allows users to create andedit web pages using simple tools that reflect changes in the page as and whenthey are made. The WYSIWYG editor allows users to create templates using simpletools or full CSS editors and apply these templates to individual pages,sections or whole web sites. In addition to this editor there should also be a rich-text editor such as FCKEditor built in to the product.

**Content and Search. Content should be stored and tagged so that it can be hosted within the school/company and/or within the cloud - depending on the user/admin choice. Content should be able to be tagged according to a content schema defined by the administrator AND through free text tagging such as that found in delicious. Content should have a variety of controls applied such as the ability to stage content and release it at a particular time/date.**

****Tools within the portal** The portal should include the following tools/applications that can be modified using the? ? **WYSIWYG Web editor**? :**

Blog | Wiki | Questionnaire | Polls | Test/Quiz tools (As found in Hot Potatoes | Video Server (KalturaCE) | Podcast Tools | SCORM1.2/2004 runtime player | Micro-blogging tool | Web page creation tool.

Each of these tools should be able to be combined together to allow the creation of other types of tools such as e-Portoflios, student web sites, etc. The tools will need to have rules applied to them to allow staging and authorisation of content release to specific groups of users and/or the Internet as a whole.

**Users and Groups** Users should be able to be set up manually or from a CSV file imported from a MIS. Users should be able to have a variety of access and authorisation properties applied to them by administrators. Groups should be able to be defined by portal administrators and Group Administrators should be able to be able to be applied to manage specific groups. eg. A company admin should be able to set up administrators for ? the Sales Department and the Accounts Department, etc.

**Distributed** The portal/CMS will need to be hosted within distributed locations. Users will have a "home" location where their account is mostly used. When they move away from the "home" location they will access their tools/desktop from a new portal/CMS instance. In this case the servers will need to copy the users details and data into this new location to ensure speed of access. Once a user has not been active on a particular instance for a specified period of time their data will be archived.

**Development** It is not expected that all this can be delivered in one go. However we are open to a staged development process with the initial requirement being for a portal that can deliver Google Apps through the APIs and the SAML single sign on. This is required quickly. The rest of the system is required in 2-4 months.

Evner: ASP, Javascript, PHP

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