Create HTML website with back end database support

[url removed, login to view] Specifications V 1.0


Site Address: [url removed, login to view]

Client / Site Owner:

Red Text is Original/unfilled writing – Green Text is updates.


The purpose of this project is to provide a fully functional web database application. This web database application, known as the back end, will support the front end of the site The purpose of this project is strictly functional only. The developer is not responsible for site content, aesthetics, form, layout, web design, graphic design, photo edit or any other tasks not listed below in the requirements section. For clarity, the developer will provide only as much front end support as the developer sees needed to help future web design personnel implement backend content into the desired aesthetic form requested by the client.

Additional bid to include graphic design in same project may be considered.

Bids first must be for website design, not graphics.

Note: [url removed, login to view] currently has a flash template up. We are looking for an html based website with a database to support it, not flash.

Main Page:

Display Options:

Models will be displayed in alphabetical order one whole record at a time. With a drop down menu of their names.

OR small thumbnail pictures of all models will be displayed in groups of 12-100 per page at a time via a dropdown box of “show number per page” with their Name displayed next to the picture. When a site user selects a thumbnail, they would be directed to the Model Display Page.


Model Login Page

New Model Upload Form (Join Form)

Model Display Page:


All of the selected models information will be displayed on this page, including her photos.


Main Page

Join Link

Hire Model Page.

Hire Model Page:

This page is another form. The site user will be able to enter their information on this page. This form will contain the following fields: Field info will be given on hiring

Upon submission, an email will be sent to the administrator containing the information of the site user.

New Model Upload Form:

This form will contain the following fields:

On submission, model will be directed to the photo upload form.

Note: Must have safeguard to prevent accidentally pressing BACK and erasing entire long form. (cookies?)

Photo Upload Form:

This form will allow the model to upload a maximum of __8__photos. Photos will be a maximum of 500k per upload. Upon submission the model will be directed to the Confirmation Page.

Confirmation Page:

This page will redisplay the new model information entered in the last two forms, namely, the model and photo upload form. The model then will be prompted to verify if the information displayed and the pictures uploaded are correct. If the information is correct, a “final submit” button will be provided. If the information is not correct, the model will have the option to click the “back” button and correct their information. Upon final submission of their information, the model will be directed to the Moderator Approval Page.

Moderator Approval Page:

This page is a static HTML page providing a message to the model upon submission of their information.

Admin Panel:


This page dynamically displays all models that reside on the server database. The administrator has the option to view, edit, and delete model information as well as the ability to completely delete model records. The admin will also have the option to upload new photos, delete current photos, and also upload the main thumbnail picture for the main page. The admin will also have ability to deny or approve models. Upon approval or denial, the model will be sent an email message. If approved, the model will also be added as a member of the site and would be sent an email with her new login information, specifically, their user ID, the first and last name, and a random password.


The admin view of the records will include all model data in the database which will be displayed on the web page. Models will be displayed one at a time with the newest models displayed first. The admin will also have a drop down menu of all models in the database; upon selection the admin would be taken to that record. The admin will also be able to sort and display records by date added or by alphabetic order, by first and/or last name – or EMAIL address


Admin Model Email Page

Admin Model Email Page:

This page will allow the admin to send emails to multiple models at a time that fulfill certain criteria. The admin will be provided a message box to enter the email message and a series of check boxes with corresponding criteria including:

A submit button will be provided and upon submission, all models that fulfill certain criteria will be sent the admin’s message.

Model Login Page:

This is a login page for models that will allow them to edit their information, and add or delete their photos. The model will also be allowed to change their password.


PAGE ONE - Step by Step - Click "Join now"

PAGE TWO - New Model Upload Form

statistics, personal info

PAGE THREE - Photo upload form.

PAGE FOUR - CONFIRMATION PAGE - redisplay to new model information typed and photos uploaded

PAGE FIVE - Welcome Page, Moderator Approval Page - Thank you for your patience.

PAGE SIX - ADMIN PANEL - View new models, Approve and Deny Options, Edit Information Option. Delete Model option

PAGE SIX part one - any model accepted is automatically sent out an email

from the site - WELCOME you've been accepted! or Sorry, you've been denied.

If accepted - model recieves profile with first and last name - no spaces and RANDOM PASSWORD that she can change on her own.

SITE FUNCTION:  Models are displayed via browse ( page by page) or search feature - photographer

or company sees model and stats/info and clicks "HIRE THIS MODEL" An email is generated to the admin

with the phographer's information and the work is then facilitated.

PROFILE EDIT PAGE - Model needs to be able to login to change password, kind of work she's done and current or past projects

that she's completed - weight gain/weight loss - maternity status? bikini, video, car shows etc.

Check boxes for categories - categories - interact with server to send mass email to specific or multiple categories of types of modeling.

reasoning: if admin acquires a photographer asking for a specific kind of model - topless model send mass email -reaches all who have checked that box.

Evner: ASP, Grafisk Design, PHP, Script Installering, Web Design

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