Contractor & Proj Registration

!!! Contractor must sign non-compete and non-disclosure prior to client details and any work


Project Summary:

Programming options:

.asp, .NET, .jsp, .php or .cfm

(Have jboss and tomcat installed for .jsp site - currently accepting forms via .asp)

Database options:

MSSQL2K or MySQL 4.x

(currently integrated to MS SQL2K)


RedHat 9, W2K Server, Win2003 Server

basic Descriptions:

Web-based Construction/Consultant type site for contractor registration with admin area for

approvals/declines, notifications/messaging, project registrations, etc...

Site will allow approved users to edit manage their profile info, their registered personnel

info, and to enter/add projects.

Admin provision for editing contractor account info, approval/declines - status changes, (all

admin and contact Management), Create "ebilling", post payments, basic day/date by project


Integrated messaging system for admin to contact 1-all users - jmail, Persits, Dundas, SQL - Very

basic, text only system. Select: Enter individual User ID or All, type subject, message body,

then on "Send" execute messaging to user(s)

Billing and Receiving Functions from forms with email included content, print to screen (html).

Record in fields

Develop primary tables with direct relationships as applicable:

AdminUsers - For site access and menu features

contractors - Site Access and menu features

Contractor personnel - Registered persons, assigned to projects

projects - form input awaiting approvals

invoicing/billing - projects are charged fees, create invoice and receive payments

change log(s) - any record modified by anyone after initial creation


Initial Client/User Site functions

Application/Registration Form

On submit, post to DB with simultaneous email to Admin/multiple email addresses

Thank you email to user/registrant


Admin section

Create Admin user process

Master Admin Account - Access All, edit

secondary admin account - Review/Approve/Decline/suspend/edit - NO DELETE

tertiary admin account - review only

Review All

Review all contractor applicants and review all approved users, Edit, Approve/Decline, Suspend,

change status of applicants/registrants (Show Status and Date Modified of every record)

On approval,

create login from user supplied fields/info on initial form, email to approved user address

On decline create message interface that allows admin to type in reason for decline, email

client/registrant and notate db using a template message with an additional [message] field

On edit, record field changes in log table and by user and mmddyyyy HH:mm:ss

Client Use:

Client/user login page:

On success, forward to Main User page with Menu options (all user pages have top/bottom menu)

Review and Edit Company Profile:

Detail: All Company Info, excluding Name of Company, System ID#, Username

Review, Add/Modify Personnel:

Detail: Review registered persons, Add/Edit/Delete infinite number

If delete, compare to fields and remove, only if not in use or selected

Review or Add Project:

Review All with hyperlink to "read Detail" only

Add new project from form -

Detail: User completes form, submitted to admin for approval, placed in User menu with status

"pending". On approval of admin, change status and place in Active status

Admin login:

Detail: Compare and start session for Admin, forward to admin menu

(all pages have top/bottom menu)

Admin Menu:

Review pending contractor applications:

Edit, Approve, Decline/Suspend actions with time-stamp


Review Pending project applications:

Status: Application, Approve, Decline, Pending Payment

Edit, Approve, Decline/Suspend actions with time-stamp --

Details: On approve... Generate invoice to Contractor based on admin input or application info -

send via email to contractor, print to screen in new window as html, create record of invoicing

and change status to pending payment

Review all contractors:

Details: Optional Sort by name, ID, State, Country - Default display is by ID

Inteface/GUI: Display in form justified presentation of fields with Menu options:

* Editing, Contact Details: On Edit click - must have selected a contractor, open contractor

records selected and provide GUI for all editable record sets

On Contact start messaging interface to email contact - Admin must have selected individual

Contractor or have selected "Contact All" - Messaging will need "personalization tags"



Contractor Personnel


Projects revenues by: Contractor: Date


Receive Payment:

Select Pending Projects, select project or sort/select pending by contractor:

On project record, provide space for payment received, post payment and timestamp

On Post payment action:

Generate Project PDF and attachments and email to all parties --

Additional work possible: integrate with payment processing system (TBD) and with accounting


Final work will be integrated with current html

Request Project Demo

Requesting Not-To-Exceed" pricing

Payments: PayPal, Scriptlance Escrow or Westrn Union

additional info can be presented on receipt of NDA/NonCompete

Evner: .NET, ASP, Cold Fusion, JSP, PHP

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