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I already purchased a software from [[url removed, login to view]][1] but it is glitchy.? we decided it will be best to get one created from scratch.? Currently looking at bids from numerous sources, [[url removed, login to view]][2], [[url removed, login to view]][3], [[url removed, login to view]][4], etc.? The winner of the bid will be the one that can give us the necessary software, full rights to it (as our intellectual property), and a good timeline.? The autosubmission classified ad poster should post to [[url removed, login to view]][5] and [[url removed, login to view]][6].? If you have more questions, contact us at <outsourcenow12@[url removed, login to view]>.? Please do not give us an outrageous estimate, it will be ignored.? Future long term projects will be considered.? And remember, We appreciate your services, without it we could not be where we are today.? Thanks.?

Automatic scheduler (post to any category, any city at intervals like every day, week, two days, every two days at 5 PM, etc.)

Proxy Capability (HTTP or IP or software?

Automatic Repost -

Auto Re Dial, disconnect and redial a dialup modem:

Automatically captch verification words in kijiji and backpage.

Harvest/extract emails from target category in kijiji or backpage.

Automatically create yahoo accounts.? Username, password, secret question answer.

Question: Gmail Account Creator - same as above.

Each function as a seperate module?

Area to insert title, body ad copy and even perhaps html code?

Can you create and insert a text layout toolbar?

Create these functions as tabbed functions?

Be able to save reports into mySQL, excel, access, txt?

Able to insert invisible texts in the ad and ad title

There are other stuff that I can tell you later, this email seems to be too large.



## Deliverables

Work with Windows XP and VISTA - 32 and 64 bit.

Use Microsoft .NET framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (X86) and above.

* Campaign manager (manage & post multiple ads), easily track and manage your group of ads.

* Write, edit, and delete ads within the program and POST and DELETE posts - Software Exclusive!

* Internal HTML editor for feature rich ads. Can be used in with services such as VFlyer

* Automated email verification stops having to always check and verify your email each time you post.

* Manage and post multiple ads in multiple categories with body and title randomization features.

* Works around the problem of duplicate ad posting with intelligent ad structuring®.

* Pop3 e-mail account support with rotating email feature (With upgrade) - Exclusive to this poster!

* Save and display each ad status as reported in email

* Optional post in all cities and categories

* Post HTML and IMAGE ads.- Exclusive to this poster!

* Attach images to various ads

* Auto accept the terms of use

* Complete postings reporting with with failed postings with links to EDIT delete each POST!

* FREQUENT Future updates as they are needed.

* Enhanced Ad body/Title Randomizer - Exclusive!

* Enhanced Flagging Support

* Automatic CAPTCHA bypass available!

* Numerous add-ons available to customize YOUR auto-poster to YOUR needs!

* Many more features inside!

complete email rotation.? Use an unlimited amount of email addresses with it so kijiji posts will appear unique.? support the ability to set a catch all email account for all post to be sent to a single email.?

Able to add licenses to add x amount of computers.

Auto Re-Post - Delete old ads and repost new fresh ads with one click.

Search all of kijijij by keywords/categories and extract emails for my target audience and send them a custom email marketing message.? Be able to choose specific cities and categories with checkboxes and create an ad that will automatically be sent out to them by email.? Probably be able to work with an autoresponder service I have installed on my web server.

Backpage bot - autopost ads directly to backpage.

Autoword bypass for [url removed, login to view] and This fully automates the ad posting.

Yahoo and Gmail Account complete creator.? (Username, Password, Question and Answer.

Myspace account complete creator.

Question:? A fully customized application means, an auto submission classified ad poster for [[url removed, login to view]][7] or [[url removed, login to view]][8], or [[url removed, login to view]][9], etc?


Question:? What do you mean by sub versions??


Question:? Can you include these capabilities to a customized application for a [[url removed, login to view]][10] auto poster?? They are:? automatic scheduler (post to any category, any city at intervals like every day, week, two days, every two days at 5 PM, etc.)


Question:? Can you include this capability: Proxy (HTTP or IP or software?? Which do you recommend?) Able to use proxies within the customized application.? Be able to rotate proxy addresses:? HTTP and SOCKS v4, v5 and IP addresses.


Question:? Can you include this capability:? Automatic Repost - The customized application checks to see if the ad is already posted.? If it is then it doesnt do anything, if the ad isnt posted at a certain category and city then it reposts it.


Question:? Auto Re Dial a dialup modem: automatically redial my dialup modem and disconnect the modem and redial the modem and disconnect.


Question:? Word Verification or Captcha: Able to automatically type in the verification words that is required to automatically post the ad.? Usually the words are written in a funny pattern.


Question:? Emailer - automatically harvest/extract emails and send these emails a message to a target market.? Example: Everyone in California - in the category jobs -> medical.


Question:? MySpace Account Creator - Automatically create a MySpace Account (+image uploader).? Also automatically add the image verification word .


Question:? Yahoo Account Creator - automatically create yahoo accounts.? Username and password and secret question an answer.? Automatically enter image verification words without manually typing it in.


Question:? Gmail Account Creator - automatically create yahoo accounts.? Username and password and secret question and answer. Automatically enter image verification words? without manually typing it in.


NOTE:? Can you create each one as a seperate independent function script?? So I can add any of these scripts to the main application.? Otherwise these seperate function scripts are disabled and unhighlighted.


Question:? Can you create an area where I can insert the title, body ad copy and even perhaps html code??


Question:? For the above question:? Can you create and insert a text layout toolbar?? Features like paragraph indention (left, middle, right), bold, font types, font size, underline, italic, etc?


Question:? Can you create these functions as tabbed functions?? Meaning:? If I want to insert the ads, I click on the ad creation tab, if I want to use proxies, I click on the proxy use tabs, etc.


Question:? I am assuming that you have some knowledge on how to use a classifieds ad posting software.? Do you know how to use proxies and emails with it?? For example:? Use an email address, ip address (proxy), ad copy and ad title for one ad posting and then rotate another email address, ip address (proxy), ad copy and ad title, etc.? Do you have an understanding on how this works?? I have somewhat of a collected pool of knowledge from multiple individuals that I have associated with on the use of an auto posting classified ad poster.


Question:? Can you allow the customized application to save all information (postings, settings, etc) to mySQL, excel, access or txt?? Can you customize the application so that it can save all the settings for an ad campaign?


Question:? Can you create the capability for the customized application to insert invisible texts in the ad and ad title (optional if turned on feature)?? I can tell you why later.

Evner: ASP, PHP

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