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I have a site where have listed about 100 programs for making money (dialer, signup, paidmail, aso.). All links to these sites include my referal id like [url removed, login to view] Now I want to do the following: A user can signup. When he signup a list of all choosable programs is shown and a field: YOUR REFID: Now the user can click and signup. When he signuped he can enter his REFID in the field REFID. In the signup-URL the REFID from HIS referer must be set. Example: Horst referers Timo Horst has already signuped to affiliate. So the signuplink for Timo must be: [url removed, login to view] Next when Timo referers a user (i.e. Steve) the signupurl for Steve must be: [url removed, login to view] (Not all affiliates uses [url removed, login to view] - sometimes /[url removed, login to view] is used or something else. Script must set the right REFID itself). For each link the status must be shown: REPORT AS BROKEN LINK (a email is sent to me as information that this affiliate didn´t exists) REPORT AS FRAUD (a email is sent to me as information that something with this affiliate is wrong) RATE (+ / neutral / -) (number of +, neutral and - rates, each user can rate only one time per affiliate) Status OK - when the user has signuped and entered his refid OPEN - when the user has not signuped for this affiliate till now Number of your referals: -> When a user signup for an affiliate HIS referer gets a mail that a new member signuped in his downline. Also the refid of the member who signuped is shown. This is shown in "number of your referals". Now each user can referer a new user. When the new user logs in the signup-urls contains the REFID from the referer. All users should have a personal page like my linkpage. i.e. my site is: [url removed, login to view] Affiliate 1: [url removed, login to view] Affiliate 2: [url removed, login to view] Affiliate 3: [url removed, login to view] ... So the personal ref-page for the user is: [url removed, login to view] Now in all links my ref is chanced to his ref: Affiliate 1: [url removed, login to view] Affiliate 2: [url removed, login to view] Affiliate 3: [url removed, login to view] ... I know that I had to replace my existing page with static link through php-links when I run the script. When users login the must see how many referals they already have and the program list and status like described above. Sorry for long text for that little script but I think it´s better to describe exactly. There is software that did what I need like i.e. [url removed, login to view] but all solutions are based on cgi (perl) - and that´s not what I want - I want a secure and fast PHP solution. There exist some cheap 19 Euros scripts like [url removed, login to view] but they havn´t all features I need. Here is another detailed description: A script is needed where it´s possible to build up a referal downline for admin and other users. Manageing: It is necessary that users can signup and get a unique ID for login and promotion. User had to confirm their signup thourgh a signup-confirmation-link sent by mail. An admin area must allow to write newsletters to all users and open and delete and edit the downlines. The user can join if he want´s to be informed when a) a new downline is created or b) a user signup through his own referal link or c) both or d) nothing. The system itself: Different programms in the internet like paidmailer allow to send new users to the programm thourgh a referal link. For each referal and for the referals referals .... a.s.o. I got money. Now all downlines should be stored within the script. A person opens a downline like: [url removed, login to view] No if someone calls my site where the script runs without a referal id - like [url removed, login to view] my own referal id´s a set when a user signup for a programm. Now each user get´s his own page - called in extension with his userid like [url removed, login to view] Now the same site like without ?userid is shown, but all programms who herby signed up his referal id is set when a surfer decides to signup. So herby was refered by me and the surfer is refered by herby ... Why that? It is a lot of work to build a site like [url removed, login to view] - I could promote the site much more better when others who are already signed up thourgh my referal-link can use a ready page where they have send their surfers to. When a user is in his memberarea he can enter his referal-id for each programm which is stored and running inside the script. That is necessary because referal id´s are sometimes like ref=user or sometimes ?id= or ?userid=993 or anything else. So all programms should be displayed in a listing and behind the programm the following is shown: ( ) already joined this programm --- if joined another field is shown: enter your referal link --- users signed up through your referal link --- Rate programm + / - / neutral and optional comment 80 chars (like ebay - summary and detailed results) --- Report (send report about the programm to the admin (like error404, didn´t pay or anything else) --- Total rate summary ( ) programm not joined (join now link) --- show rateing summary Ok - now maybe the username is herby someone calls: [url removed, login to view] the links he entered in field "enter your referal link" are shown as signuplink for the surfer. All running programms are shown on the users site (?user=herby) - if he hadn´t signed up for one of the programms the admins referal-link is used. So each user can create his own referal site simply with signup and promoting his ?user= url. Next: It must be possible to open a new downline for a user (maybe when a programm is not listed). Therefore he had to enter: Screenshot (use same size as already used on [url removed, login to view]) Main URL Referal URL Description Language Comments So a new downline could be created for new programms. When this is done the admin must be informed by mail and the downline must be confirmed by admin (edit or deleted). Final: When a user received payments from a programm he can enter that in the field $ (maybe like date / amount). Then a green $ is shown next to the programms name and when user clicks these green $ they can see date / amount. (admin additional sees date / amount / user who enters that information and is able to edit or delete). When a user calls for payment but didn´t receive anything he can click on a red $ and enter date / amount. If he receives the amount anywhere later he is able to add a comment to his date / amount entry (like: received two month later), but he can´t delete entries (that´s only possible by admin). Admin must be able to delete / edit users and send newsletters. The following informations must be requested during signup: Name Surname: Street / No.: ZIP / city: Country: Tel: eMail: ( ) accept terms use. When signup is made a confirmation link is send to this mail which the user had to click. If he clicks another mail is sent with his username and password and his personal promotion page ([url removed, login to view]) If password is forgotten he can request it by enter his userid or email-address. Then a new password will be created and send to the users mail-address and he had to confirm (link) the creation of a new password. When he clicks the link he came to the login page where he had to enter the new password. If any confirmation links are not clicked within 48 hours the action will be deleted from database. It would be helpful if I could enter a notice line to each programm in the list-view. This noticeline can show the referal payment info like: ref step 1 = 10 % ref step 2 = 3 % or 30 % of users payments ... Payments will be made after complete delivery like every time before. If necessary I´ll provide you with PHP webspace. Rights incl. Ok - that´s it - I think :-) So I wait for your bids! Bids outside budget range will be completly ignored.

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