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First of all, don't be afraid of the project because of the long description. The job is easier than its description. :-) Please read through the project description carefully and bid only if you are sure you fully understand, can do the job and able to deliver it in time! I am a newbie in PHP and need help in modifying some functions in my code. These functions suppose to build navigation menus. I need functions that I can call from anywhere inside my template. All function results must be returned, not echoed. 1. Take "ShowParent($cat)" and "ShowSubMenu($cat)" in "admin/[url removed, login to view]" and mix them together so I could call them by using only one function. Separate style classes needed for the parent links and the sublinks (example in the functions). Sublinks should appear below Parentlinks. Example in the demo or here: [url removed, login to view] 2. Modify "displayLocation($cat)" in "admin/[url removed, login to view]" so the result will be returned, not echoed. 3. Make three versions, that is three separate functions of an expandable/collapsable menu tree without using JavaScript. See "[url removed, login to view]" as an example. Modify this or create new one (I don't need the build parent function in it. You have to change line 42 to have links instead of select menu.) This is about creating three types of navigation menu (three separate php functions). I don't need buttons, only links in the menus. a.) The first type of menu is where parent categories are always visible. That means if we click on a main category (level 0) it opens (expands) and shows the subcategories (level 1) inside, indented. If we go deeper it opens other subcategories (level2, level3, etc.) See example here: [url removed, login to view] > Lakossagi szolgaltatasok (level 0, main category (where papaid=0)) Szamlavezetes (level 1, main category) > Elektronikus szolgaltatasok (level 1) > Erste NetBank (level 2) (We are here now) Altalanos Szerzodesi Feltetelek (level 3) Hasznalati utmutato (level 3) Igenyles menete (level 3) NetBank szerzodes (level 3) TeleBank (level 2) SMS szolgaltatasok (level 2) Bankkartyak (level 1) Betetek, befektetesek (level 1) ... ... Szellemi szabadfoglalkozásúak (level 0, main category) b.) The second type of menu, where top level categories can be displayed separately, so they are not really part of the menu. Example: [url removed, login to view] The method is the same as in the above example except that the top level categories are not part of the vertical navigation menu. In this example the top level categories are in the horizontal menu, made out of buttons. In the example we are in the "Egyéni vállalkozók" main category. This is actually made by two separate php functions: first one always displays only the top level cats (like ShowMenu($cat) function) and the other displays the corresponding subcats. c.) The third type of menu where all the top level cats and subcats, that is, all levels are visible. Like a sitemap. You don't have to click on a category to open a subcategory inside it because all levels are expanded. I'd like to maximize the levels that menus show, in all type of menus. So if I build a category structure where there is 5 level, it shouldn't open all 5 levels because it might not fit into the design, the menu would become to wide. Let's say I max out the level at 3, when clicking a category in the third level it wouldn't expand it any deeper. There is a solution for it. See it in "[url removed, login to view]". 4. Categories should use their own page template which is in the "cattpl" field in category table. Html template files are opened from inside the index.php. 5. Create a page where all the pages will be listed (like a sitemap menutree above), and user can sort pages by clicking up and down links besides the links. When clicking edit/new link it goes to a page where the name of the page can be edited in a textfield and the template it will use can be selected from a dropdown menu. Page1 up | down | delete | edit | new Page1.1 up | down | delete | edit | new Page1.2 up | down | delete | edit | new Page2 up | down | delete | edit | new Page2.1 up | down | delete | edit | new Page2.2 up | down | delete | edit | new Page2.2.1 up | down | delete | edit | new Page2.2.2 up | down | delete | edit | new etc. ... ////// Applies to all navigation menus: ///////// - Different class style (except for "displayLocation($cat)") for every levels. Down to 4 levels. In the format (span class="someclass") here comes the link (/span) (To post project I had to use parenthesis here instead of html tags.) - Maximum level option. Maximum number of levels that the navigation menu should show. - If you click on a category that doesn't have any subcategories the menu should stay expanded. - menu functions should have the "$cat" parameter present. ////// Applies to all tasks: //////// - All function results must be returned, not echoed. - Please keep the code very simple and efficient - No object oriented programming - Modify above functions or create new one if you can make better and more efficient code. You can also modify the other functions in "[url removed, login to view]" if you can make better and more efficient code. You can download and install the demo. Demo needs PHP and mysql. To install: edit "admin/[url removed, login to view]", upload then go call "admin/[url removed, login to view]" from browser. Please do not bid, unless you can acomplish project in 5 days and your work will be completely original... I will retain complete rights to whatever you produce for me. Thanks

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