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Attached you will find the database basic structure I want to use. this is done in Office XP. I am wanting to convert this application to a mysql & php script. I do not have any of the interfaces in the access database. I am looking for someone with a fresh level of thought to design the interface with the product. as for reports I am looking for a pdf output of an id card with the owners pictures and their dogs listed on it. (including pics if available). it should all be done in an easy format, and allow for modification to style and / or color scheme. I am also intending this as a POS item and will expect the financial data to be maintained and exported as a standard cvs file for end of year. I will maintain complete resale rights. and maintain all master rights associated with this as well. winning bid will also be recieving another project related to the canine world. that will be explained and done as a seperate project. provided I am treated fair and the product is of a good quality. the contract associated with the kennel app will be a text file that can be copied into place by any facility. I expect an include file that will cover all aspects from database to colors on the page, any logo's envolved on the page. I will forewarn you that I will not accept your bid unless I can visually see a "work in progress" of the project. prior to the close of bidding. also I want a method of locking the number of workstations using the database at any given time. (secure login to perform transactions) and a session timeout of 20 minutes. I would also like to see an addition to the project to include scheduling of appointments for grooming. not just for dogs for all animals. last thing I would like to see added to this would be a shop inventory & sales floor inventory. various levels of access include: admin --> can add delete change rights to users update pricing. supervisor --> can adjust inventory, add items to inventory, schedule. sales --> schedule, make sales, notate account. not logged in --> search for product that are currently in inventory (no pricing or anything else) just tell if the item is in stock. on other module that would be nice to see but not required would be a HR side keeping track of employees, info, etc... ability to print ID card to a PDF file, print employee eval reports, keep track of essential employee data. hire / fire. nothing more than the very basics only on this. all of the above will be seperate modules to the finished product. any product can be integrated with the initial kennel info, but that is the only required. all other sections should be set as modules. everything should be well documented. and allow for easy modification. I also expect the entire project to be completed and ready to deliver within 10 days of the end of bidding. I will disreguard any hourly bids. I will accept only entire project bids.

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