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What I need in general:

Create a professional Wordpress (WP) membership management plugin which works with PayPal IPN and integrates with native WP user system. This plugin must be plugin and not a customization hack of one WP installation. See: [url removed, login to view] for what I mean. This plugin must be able to work on any WP 2.6 or higher site and be theme independent. The plugin must be controlled via the Plugins section in the WP admin area to activate or inactivate. The plugin should not require the webmaster to know any coding to install or use. It must work “straight out of the box”, install easily, configure easily, and use easily.

General programming requirements:





* PayPal IPN

* Wordpress

* Your code must be clean and very organized.

* If you are not very experienced in all of these areas, please do not apply for this project. If you have never successfully made any WP plugins before, do not waste both of our time unless you are very confident in your skills.

General description of what a visitor will go through:

* A visitor will come to a website and register via the WP registration system. A visitor will be required to register and login prior to making any purchases.

* After registering, the visitor will receive a confirmation email via WP.

* The visitor is now a member who logs into the website.

* The member can now purchase a subscription (one or more at a time) and pay via PayPal. Go to PayPal site to do transaction.

* Once the transaction is completed, the member is returned back to the site on a confirmation landing page.

* The successful payment grants instant subscription access to the protected WP post, page, or category.

* Once the subscription expires, the member's subscription access is automatically changed back to a default type which does not allow for access to the protected areas or is automatically renewed via PayPal recurring payments.

* Members can log into WP Admin area and see the status of their subscription purchase history in Membership Details in User Profile.

* Members cannot see posts, pages, or categories which are protected. Protected pages become visible and accessible to members who have proper subscriptions to them.

General description of WP Admin area features:

Create a Wordpress (WP) membership plugin which provides the following features:

* Integrates with native WP registration and member management system.

* Create (edit and delete) an unlimited number of subscriptions. Each subscription has duration, cost, and account type.

* Create (edit and delete) an unlimited number of account types. Each account type controls access to WP post, page, or category.

* Each post, page, or category can be protected individually based upon one or more account types in any combination.

* Allows members to sign up for one or more subscriptions at the same time. Allows for manual creation of subscription for any customer from Admin.

* Processes payments via PayPal IPN and automatically sets subscriptions instantly upon successful payment. Automatically expires subscriptions on expiration date and changes subscriptions/account type so member is denied access to protected pages.

* Allows for easy member management, sorting, and searching.

General tabs in WP Admin area:

* One main menu tab for Plugin which has the following sub menu tabs.

* Sub tab for General Settings (email, site settings, etc.)

* Sub tab for Members (sortable username, email, account type, subscription listings and status, etc)

* Sub tab for Subscriptions (create, list and sort, modify, delete)

* Sub tab for Account Types (create, list and sort, modify, delete)

* Sub tab for Payment Gateway Settings (paypal, free, trial)

* Sub tab for Email (to recipients by account type status)

* Sub tab for Registration Key future option.

Additional Criteria:

* Must be able to work with any of the PayPal buttons such as pay now, add to cart, subscribe, etc. created by the site owner on his PayPal account and place anywhere on his website. Each subscription can support one off payments or recurring billing subscriptions.

* Use pagination menus for long pages.

* Make it so simple for members to use.

* Make it so simple for administrators to install and use. Even first time WP admins with no experience can setup and use without programming knowledge. Just plug and play simple with solid features.

* I have a WP website already running with an example membership plugin which we can discuss prior to the start of work. You may use this site for development purposes. PayPal account is already setup for my example website.

Installation Criteria:

* FTP files into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

* Activate plugin.

* Configure settings.

* Setup paypal buttons on site.

* Test process to make sure it working.

* If it works, you have made me happy.

Payment and Terms:

You must have very clear English language communication skills. I will communicate regularly via Yahoo! Messenger throughout the duration of the project.

Payment via escrow. Payment will be released upon successful completion of the project with an installed, tested, and working plugin. I will pay absolutely nothing for a plugin which does not meet all of the requirements listed above. I will not do a partial payment for a partially complete project. Its all or nothing.

I am a fair person with high expectations for this project. If you do well on this project, I may have additional work for expansions of this project or other plugins/app development in the near. If you exceed my expectations, I am always open to providing bonuses. You make me happy, I make you happy.

I will be the sole owner of the work after the project is completed and the payment completed. I have the options to resell this as a product. If you would like to discuss partnering possibilities on this, I am also open to this.

You understand and agree to the requirements and terms listed above prior to submitting a bid for this project. I will be happy to answer any questions or provide any clarifications via pm. Please do not pm me with information on you or your company which does not directly relate to this project. I'm not interested in the 50 programming languages you know or the 50 websites you built that don't relate to my specific project. You don't need to tell me you're an expert in Flash and ASP.NET and SQL Server when this project is in PHP and MySQL. Do tell me why you are specifically competent for this job. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this project. I am looking forward to working with a competent professional who can accomplish the tasks at hand very successfully.

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