Integrated order management, billing & CRM Portal

I am a small ISP in Canada and require an application where I can add customers and track the status of their various orders to completion, and once the order is complete have it act as a CRM & support system.

Customer Management:

- Create customers and hold their standard information…address, phone etc.

- Be able to add products to their profile, as well as track the status of their order. There would be a drop down menu that I could change the status as their order progresses.

- Be able to send a single e-mail to a customer from their profile page, or send bulk e-mails & newsletters to all customers

- Each customer profile will have a section for support tickets. When they call in I can create a ticket and add notes etc. & just track when they call and what was discussed.

- Calendar

Online Order Forms, customer & reseller management:

- I have stores that sell my products and I pay them a commission each month for as long as the person stays a customer. I would like to have an online application the reseller can use to place orders and upload forms to me, which would then appear as new customers in my app. They would be grouped as part of that resellers customer base and will track the commissions owed each month the customer remains active. The reseller would be able to log in and also monitor these totals. (Reseller will only see customers designated to them, and I should have the ability to change that in my own portal).

- I will also need the same order form for my site, which allows customers to directly apply online. These orders would obviously not be credited to resellers.

Order Management

One of the toughest things to track is when there are many orders on the go, and what stage they are in. So when a new order is placed, it would be assigned a status of ‘new’. When I’ve reviewed it and placed the order with my supplier, I would change the status to ‘In progress’ and so on until the order is completed. So the order must track the product, order number, supplier, activation date, notes (dated and time stamped), I’ve attached a screenshot of what the order page should look like, and what info it should contain. The reseller should be able to log in and see these orders as well, and watch the status, see the username/password etc. and add their own notes.

I also need a checklist of items that I can check off as I do them. Eg. ‘Order Placed with supplier’, ‘Confirmation e-mail sent’, invoice created etc.

Main Page

The main page when I log in should show a list of all orders that are in progress so I know what I have to check on that day. Along with the standard things like Add Customer etc. It should also show any outstanding support tickets that need attention.


I am also looking for an integrated billing platform that would allow me to do recurring billing, much like Zoho Invoice. It would be solely for billing customers and giving me sale totals, no expense tracking required. But I want everything to flow smoothly in one platform from order entry to billing so that I can track it all in one place and know exactly what's been done at any given point in time.

Long Distance Tracking

I currently have an app that was written by another Freelancer that allows me to track my customers long distance usage. I upload a .txt file and it tracks the calls & costs and at the end of the month I can generate a PDF call detail record for my customers. Problem is it's totally separate from my billing platform and while this app alone saves me a lot of time, as my company grows it is going to become more onerous so I would like to try and integrate everything while I'm still small. If you can take this app and integrate it or use it as a 'cheat sheet' to make re-writing a new one quicker I can allow access once the project has been awarded.

Please provide live demos of your past work if possible. Sorry, I will not do a milestone payment until I see the first draft of work.

Evner: AJAX, PHP

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