The project is posted perviously by another user. Will like a similar project to be done.

Our company is looking for developers that will sell us an application like

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] or

[url removed, login to view]

We would like to have the photobook, the birthday calandar, and the

Photoposter part of that.

It's defenitly recommended that your company has already developed a similar application.

With application users can create an photo book or, which can then be sent to photo studio. Application must work on a windows system (mac system) and should allow things posted in URL.

Additional information submitted:

More information:

Concerning the program photo book, we should like to have

I. the photo book,

II. the birthday calendar and

III. the photo poster part.

IV. greeting cards

All three must be a same kind of downloadable program in which clients can work off line.

The layouts

Clients can choose between

A. fixed lay-outs that automatically take the chosen pictures in fixed lay-outs

B. a lay-out where they can drag-and-drop pictures in fixed lay-outs and type-in text boxes and adds text details to the cover; title, author, year and more. Personalize each page with captions of your choice.

In both possibilities backgrounds can be chosen

I The photo book

There will be several photo book sizes from 20 x 15 cm, 30 x 30, A4 landscape, A4 portrait 21 x 21cm and A3 landscape and several later to be made lay-outs. Lay-outs will be type A and B. I will try to add a few [url removed, login to view] project is commision.

II The Birthday Calendar

Sizes A4 and A3 portrait.

One lay-out and 12 months

The lay-out with the photos on the upper part of the portrait A4/A3

The lay-out of the photos will be the above mentioned type A and B. No text details possible.

III The Poster or canvas print


1. 30 x 40 cm

2. 40 x 60 cm

3. 60 x 90 cm

Printed on paper or canvas

With only a free lay-out where they can drag-and-drop pictures.

IV Greeting cards

Three sizes

1. Portrait 10.5 x 14.85 cm

2. Landscape 10.5 x 14.85 cm

3. Square card 14 x 14 cm

Always one photo in a fixed background out of which can be chosen

What important is that when a client is making his artwork the program should recognize that a photo is too small for the size of the print.

The photo must be cropped automatically in a fixed lay-out when dragged into a frame. What you see is what you get.

The total program exists out of a downloadable part. Like the other entire photo book program has and does.

The Downloadable program.

This program must be downloadable and extracting himself on the computer of the client.

The client then can choose between the object he wants to use.

That can be:

1. the photo book,

2. the birthday calendar and

3. the photo poster part.

4. greeting cards

In all the parts the client has the possibility to drag and drop his photos in predesigned layouts.

And will like the option to add additional design template and no of pages for photobook.

The second possibility for the client is that he does not have to drag and drop but he must be able to place the quantity of photo’s in a file and just says to the program: Use that layout, he can choose for every page a different lay-out and then asks the program to drag and drop, crop or enlarge automatically.

In this lay-out the client can shuffle with the photo to choose which part of the photo will be printed.

The program must measure or the dpi is too little to give a good print and inform the client directly in this same window that photos cannot be used because they are too small.

Furthermore the program must remember which part of the original photo is going to be used on which place in the photo book of course. The photo must be saved somewhere on the computer of the client to be sent to the printing department.

In between there should be an automatic payment system

After the making of the lay-out the complete file with photo’s and lay-out etc. has to be sent in a file to the printer.

There the production must have PDF’s or alike to print the production as meant by the client.

With various covers and binding systems.

And then the whole administration part.

Will like bidder to hv experience with similar project.


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