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I have a new account with an isp, and I have oscommerce installed. Cool. But I want it tweeked (don't we all?) Here is a laundry list of the things I want, but don't have time to learn how to do myself:

1. First, fix the frontend so it more reflects my logo (colors, buttons, etc.). I can supply logos, buttons, etc, I just need them plugged in! I will consider buying a 'template' if that is easier, but my experience is that oscommerce isn't exactly template-friendly.

2. In addition to normal payment gateways, I want a "quote-me" only override in the product details view that I control. IE, for some products on my site, the purchasing process is way too complicated to click, insert a credit card number and then wait for the UPS guy. For these "quote-only" products, I want users to be able to pick products, fill in contact information, etc., and then instead of the "CheckOut" button, there will be a "Quote Me" (or some such) button, which will simply e-mail me the parameters so I can do a follow up call. For anything else, I'll put the regular payment gateway hooks in.

3. (and most importantly) I desparately need to have a way to present some products with graduated pricing, and have the shopping cart understand it. IE, up to 50 pieces, you pay 5 bucks each, from 50 to 100, you pay 4.50, from 100 to 150 you pay 4.00, and so on, for a total of five levels, customizable by product.

I have to believe that 2 and 3 have been done somewhere, but I can't find references anywhere, and I don't have 3 months while I teach myself how to do this.

Oh, and if you're looking for any digital graphic design / web art people....

Thanks for looking!

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