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I am looking for a Automated ticketmaster program..

It needs the following...:


I am looking for a program that will allow me to rapidly move through the purchase screens at The most general of the simple of the purchase screens is this one which is for a public onsale ([url removed, login to view];majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=2). Prior to 10Am on the date of the onsale the screen looked something like this ([url removed, login to view];majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=52). Normally I would have to continuously refresh my browser with the F5 key until the item opens up for sale. At that point I would select two or four tickets in the dropdown and then click on “Look for tickets”. That will bring you to a word image and once that word is typed in your ticket location is revealed. I am looking for a program which can automate this whole process. I understand that it would take a sophisticated program to solve the algorithm which the word images use but at the very least I would like to be instantaneously brought to the word image once the event is unlocked (goes onsale) so that I can type in the word and see my ticket location in a very quick process.

One key issue is the use of multiple browsers and how Ticketmaster uses cookies and finds your IP address to shape traffic on its site. You will see that you are not able to search for an event on two Internet explorer browsers at the same time. If you want to purchase tickets simultaneously you will have to use different browsers such as Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla/Firefox. It is obvious that the more times that you “look for tickets” , the greater the likelihood that you can secure the best seats. Any program made would have to address this issue. If it were possible to disguise an IP or not allow ticketmaster to recognize the attempts are from the same computer, then a program which automates the purchase process could do this on 20 or more browsers (even if all are internet explorer). If the program can get past the word image (CAPTCHA) and write it for me then that would be fantastic as I now would immediately have 20 sets of tickets available and I would just have to tab from screen to screen and select the ones that are worth purchasing. I know that proxy servers or use of a program like securetunnel can mask the ip address but from what I read I gather that these methods significantly affect internet speed to the point that there is no gain in their use. This issue of traffic shaping is extremely important as Ticketmaster often blocks a customer’s use of its site when they receive tons of hits from the customer’s ip address. So a program that was pulling 20 sets of tickets would need to get past the technology that ticketmaster uses.

Another important aspect of the program is that it needs to be able to navigate the different types of purchase screens that ticketmaster uses. One of the most important purchase screens is that for a presale with password. This screen almost always looks like the general onsale screen but there is a box to the right of the Price dropdown where the customer must type in the password. It is difficult to provide a presale link that works because the timeframe on most is short. Here is a link to one that ends on March 31st ([url removed, login to view];majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=2) . If that is not available when this is read then you can use this link([url removed, login to view];majorcatid=10002&minorcatid=12) which is a regular onsale but the Promotional area looks exactly the same way that a presale with password would look. That screen is similar to others as well. Often for a regular onsale there will also be an American Express allocation where a password must be used and an example is here ([url removed, login to view];majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60). I am including this because it is important that I can still just go for 2 regular tickets when these extra categories are there.

This should provide you with a decent idea of what I am searching for. The more complex the program the more I am willing to pay. The top of the price range is what I would be willing to pay for a program which rapidly automates the process and solves the CAPTCHA form. I would be willign to go over 2k for a program that met all of my criteria and beyond

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