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text massaging routine for windows

We need a routine that can run in Windows that can go through a text file of billingual definitions that looks like this, for example:

abbot abbé

abbreviate abréger, abrégez, abrégent, rogner, abrégeons

assignation, enfranchisement, lending out attribution

aggrandize, augment propager, augmenter

And make it look like this:

abbot abbé

abbreviate abréger

abbreviate abrégez

abbreviate abrégent

abbreviate rogner

abbreviate abrégeons

assignation attribution

enfranchisement attribution

lending out attribution

aggrandize augmenter

aggrandize propager

augment propager

augment augmenter

In other words, take any line where a word in one of the two languages has more than one word as a definition in the other language and split them into unique records. Also note the last line in the example where there is more than one word on each side of the definition (in this example two on each side, leading to four unique records).

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