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2 small scripts in Ruby/Pgplot

2 very small scripts in Ruby/Pgplot/NArray needed:

Script 1


Goal: Plot of a 2D array A[i][j] in "greyscale" style


1) Data (matrix of a priori unknown size) should be read from a file where user specifies the filename in the script.

2) This file holds 3 colums in the from (cf attached input file CWT_star_2_on_y+[url removed, login to view])

a*i b*j A[i][j]

a*(i+1) b*j A[i+1][j]




3) Use pgplot library to plot the input file in a greyscale style. Background color shall be white. Actual plotting color shall be black (the larger A[i][j] the darker the color). Last remark: x and y axises shall be in line with columns 1 and 2 of the file. Matrix is of class NArray.

Script 2


1) User specified 2 columns input file

x1 y1

x2 y2




2) Script shall plot histograms of the data (the fancier the better)

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