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78496 Flat File Database Scripts

Script requirements for [url removed, login to view] 1. CSVedit This script will need to open a CSV database in full to allow people to edit fields. The database can be any size with any number of fields. The database will have the top row as the name of the fields, this is then separated by a pipe with the data below. This data should then be displayed as one page of information with the field name on the left and the data on the right. The data will be displayed in a text box for editing. A tick box is then displayed below each line of the database. A button is displayed at the bottom. On clicking the edit button at the bottom, the records that have been ticked will change to the new value that has been put in. The script then re-runs from the start reading the database again in full. This will stop errors if the refresh button is pushed. Field name 1 Value 1 Field name 2 Value 2 Field name 3 Value 3 Field name 4 Value 4 [ x ] Field name 1 Value 1 Field name 2 Value 2 Field name 3 Value 3 Field name 4 Value 4 [ x ] [ EDIT ] 2. CSVdelete As CSVread, CSVdelete should display the database in full with the information displayed in the format given by the users template. As CSVedit a tick box appears at the bottom of each record, when the delete button at the bottom of the page is clicked the selected records are removed. The script will then refresh to the start reading the database again. Field name 1 Value 1 Field name 2 Value 2 Field name 3 Value 3 Field name 4 Value 4 [ x ] [ delete ] 3. CSVbackup A very simple script. The user will run the script to back-up a flatfile database (text file) This then saves the database with a new name in the same directory. The user can run this as many times as they like. 4. CSVread Xtra (add to current script) Changes to CSVread Xtra. Many users have requested that the number of results per page can be set. This would then have buttons at the bottom of the page to move on to the next page or previous page. 5. CSVwrite (add to current script) Changes to CSVwrite. For added security hardcode the database location to the main script. Allow the location of the Thank You file to be in the form rather than the script. 6. CSVwrite (Special version of current script) Add a section to email the Webmaster and the user if they enter an email address of the data that has been sent to the database. 7. CSVwrite (Special version of current script) Add a section for requires fields. The Webmaster can put required fields in the CGI script and the user cannot send the data without filling it in. If the field is an email field then this is checked to ensure it is in the correct format. 8. CSVsearch CSVsearch is not working on complicated databases. Can this be fixed or is it better to write a new script? 9. CSVwrite (add to current script) If the form field is "DATE_LOCAL" then the server date is automatically added to the database field "DATE_LOCAL" The script would return an error using the current error system if the database has not got this field to write to. The other Environmental variables would act in the same way. REMOTE_ADDR Will display the visitors IP Address HTTP_USER_AGENT Will display the visitors Browser information DATE_LOCAL Will display the Date and Time

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