osCommerce Modifications

Make GoogleCheckout work alongside Auctionblox

The GoogleCheckout module is currently creating an error message when Auctionblox customers try to checkout because it requires it's own instance of the cart. I believe Autoload ([url removed, login to view]) have already modified GoogleCheckout to work with Auctionblox so downloading it from there and integrating might save you time.

Layout of [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view]

This needs to be the same as the rest of the site with fixed width and the grass column backgrounds.

Automatically Print Invoices and Packing Slips

I’d like invoices to be automatically printed in portrait (economy black&white) and packing slips in landscape (economy colour) upon arrival in the Processing and Google Processing folders.

[url removed, login to view] for all sites (main, /aqb/ and /diy/)

Insert “Confirm E-Mail Address” field below “E-mail Address” and run a check when users input to make sure they enter the same address, show an error message if not (the same as create & confirm password already is now)

Image ratio resize for all sites (main, /aqb/ and /diy/)

All product images to resize within limitations based on largest dimension. For example if “Small Image Width” and “Small Image Height” are both set to 200, an image measuring 2000x1000 will be displayed as 200x100 not 200x200.

/diy/ images

All images are currently stored in /aqb/images but the /diy/ site needs to be linked to this as we currently have to have a duplicate images folder for it.

[url removed, login to view]

“TO PAY BY CARD PLEASE USE GOOGLECHECKOUT >” line should be made bigger in bold blue and level with the GC button.

Multi-buy Deals Line in Cart

I’d like a line underneath any products in the cart with multi-buy deals available to show the $ icon from the 2gether discount contrib and say “$ Multi-buy deal: add another for only £{multibuy price} ”. This line should also be clickable - adding an extra unit and updating the cart total. I’d also like the multi-buy deal saving show the same as the 2gether discount contrib.

Delivery time from Postage & Packing Table to be used in [url removed, login to view] out of stock message and in order e-mails

I’d like to use the delivery timeframe specified in the Postage&Packing Table that you did for me to be used in the [url removed, login to view] out of stock message and in order e-mails. So this will change based on the delivery country.

(Order e-mails currently say “Delivery usually takes 2-4 working days (5-10 if stocked at supplier; as stated at the shopping basket stage if applicable)”)

Do not display “out of stock usually dispatched…” message when Product Availability message is used

Also display Product Availability message in shopping cart and order e-mail if it is used.

Inventory Report

Clicking on sku should sort ascending first not descending. Remove the need for the edit button by having all quantities editable by default. I’d also like all products to be shown on one page (I know this will slow it down).

Low Stock Report

Many duplicates of products are being shown in the list for some reason. I want to be able to sort by Est. Stock and 60 Day Sales columns too. Default should be set to ascending sort on Est. Stock and showing the first page with days on it rather than having to scroll through lots of NA values first.

State(County) field needs correcting (error can be seen in [url removed, login to view] when turned on)

It currently says “Please select a County from the pull down menu.” but county should be a text field. For some reason it seems to be linked with the zone GB. Is fixing this going to upset GoogleCheckout?

Admin/[url removed, login to view]

Manufacturer name should be added before the product name so it shows on the Invoice and Packing slip

In /admin/[url removed, login to view]

By default I only want to see Processing and Google Processing orders. To do this you will probably just have to add an extra filter and set it as the default when orders is clicked on under customers on the admin panel.

Invoice & Packing Slip for Auctionblox Orders

We need the full eBay ID to be shown not just “(eBay #230”

Ultimate SEO Urls Contribution

[url removed, login to view],2823/category,all/search,ultimate+seo+urls

We already have a version of this installed on the main site – I’d like it to be updated to the latest 2.4 version and also added to the /aqb/ and /diy/ sites

Install Contribution: RMA Returns system [url removed, login to view] (inc. latest bug fixes)

[url removed, login to view],1136/category,all/search,bundle

Install Contribution: [url removed, login to view] for all sites (main, /aqb/ and /diy/)

[url removed, login to view],4646/category,all/search,better+product+display

Install Contribution: Bundled Products v1.5.1 for all sites (main, /aqb/ and /diy/)

[url removed, login to view],2015/category,all/search,bundle

Install Contribution: Easy Populate & Products Attributes

[url removed, login to view],500

(Make sure it works with Ultra Pics and the other contribs we already have installed)


“Add to Cart”, “Buy It Now”, “Add to Wishlist”, “Tell a Friend” etc. buttons for all sites (main, /aqb/ and /diy/)

Only work on the 2nd click – I think it might be a problem with the sessions (possibly created when the [url removed, login to view] file was edited to fix the last sessions problem? That’s just my guess.)

/aqb/ site product_info page

(example [url removed, login to view])

Incorrect values in Postage & Packing table and manufacturer name missing

/diy/ site product_info page

(example [url removed, login to view])

Product name should be below manufacturer name

When a product is edited and previewed the following messages come up, please fix:

Warning: No file uploaded. Warning: No file uploaded. Warning: No file uploaded. Warning: No file uploaded. Warning: No file uploaded.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/0/d172459497/htdocs/admin/[url removed, login to view] on line 1716

Zambia seems to be the default country in the shipping estimator now

Please change this back to United Kingdom as default for all sites (main, /aqb/ and /diy/)

The trash can icon needs to be re-instated for remove products on [url removed, login to view] on the main site

Please look at /diy/ and /aqb/ sites as it is installed correctly on there.

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