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OSCommerce adjustments

Dear all

I have an OSCommerce shop which is live since a while. I would like to do a few changes and

fix a few problems. The problems are described below. The solution of the problems need to be

done on my testserver which is also live. After implementation on the testserver I need a full

documentation on how exactly the problems have been solved in order to implement it in the live

shop at an appropriate time.

Description of issues to solve:

- a brown bar on the left side containing the menu is defined in many files with the html colour, it should be defined centrally maybe in css

- The delivery time for each individual product needs to be definable in admin

- Currently the terms and conditions appear as a link in the order confirmation email. In future, the full text needs to display on the bottom

of the order confirmation email

- The delivery time must be specified on the invoice and the email invoice for each product

- The email header of all emails sent via OSCommerce in japanese is not readable in hotmail, mac mail,

outlook and other popular email platforms. The only platform where it is readable is yahoo mail. The encoding

settings need to be changed in order for the email header to display correctly in all major email platforms.

The body of japanese emails is displayed correctly

- The countries in the country list need to be displayed in english, german or japanese, depending on the language

of the order

- For the product name in japanese, there is a restriction how many letters can be used, this number needs to be increased

- For product categories in japanese, there is a restriction how many letters can be used, this number needs to be increased

- one or several additional email recipients need to be definable in admin. These recipients need to receive the email confirmation

only in english, independent of the language in which the order was placed. The email needs to contain the invoice as an pdf attachment

- Creation and implementation of a small icon for the browser address bar on the left side

- The logo on top of the shop does not fit exactly in the table, adjustments need to be made that the jpg fits


- Currently, the products appear in a random order every time the domain is called. In future, 5 different

slideshows or animated gifs should appear, showing different products with a transition effect

- When the client is directed to the worldpay homepage, the correct language should appear on the

worldpay homepage without need to choose on the page

- For Japanese customers, the order of the fields to enter the address needs to be displayed differently then

for english and german

- For products with attributes, the number of products should be definable on an attribute level (e.g. 3 black products

in stock, 4 white products in stock) and the number needs to be reduced correctly according to the purchases done

- in admin, currently, if a client ordered in japanese language, several texts do not display correctly if admin is open

in english or german, this needs to be fixed

If the budget is too low, please specify cost in PM.

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